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9 Best 4K TV under ₹30000 in India (2021) | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Televisions have been a popular invention since their very inception. However, with the advancement of technology, televisions have faced strong competition from numerous internet-powered smart devices. Therefore, televisions too have evolved to meet their competition head-on.

Smart TVs are easily capable of connecting to the internet and can give you access to as much media content as you would expect from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop. Moreover, they come with the benefit of large screens and superior display as well.


4k TVs are generally all Smart TVs that come with an Ultra High Definition Display of 4k resolution. There are many such amazing Smart Televisions with 4k display that you can avail within a budget of 30,000 rupees.

In case you feel baffled by the long list of choices, we have made a list of the 9 best Smart TVs that you can avail in India (within the fixed budget).

There is also a Buyer’s Guide attached at the end to further aid you through your purchase.

These are the Top 9 Best 4K TV in India

ProductsScreen ResolutionSoundWarrantyScreen SizeBuy Now
TCL AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV 43P84 K Ultra HD20 Watts output18 months43 inchesamazon-button
Hisense 4K Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV 43A71F4 K Ultra HD24 Watts output3 years43 inchesamazon-button
Kodak 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV 43UHDX7XPRO4 K Ultra HD24 Watts output1 year43 inchesamazon-button
Kevin 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KN49UHD-PRO4 K Ultra HD30 Watts output1 year49 inchesamazon-button
Mitashi 107.95 cm 4K UHD LED Smart TV MiDE043v10 4KS4 K Ultra HD10 Watts output1 year43 inchesamazon-button
Sanyo Kaizen Series 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV XT-43UHD4S4 K Ultra HD20 Watts output1 year43 inchesamazon-button
eAirtec 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55AT4 K Ultra HD30 Watts output1 year55 inchesamazon-button
LG 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43UM7290PTF4 K Ultra HD24 Watts output1 year43 inchesamazon-button
Mi TV 4X 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV4 K Ultra HD24 Watts output1 year50 inchesamazon-button

Best 4K UHD TV under ₹30000 (2021)

In this section, you will get detailed information about the 9 Best 4K TV under 30000. Also, for every product, you will find technical aspects, pros & cons.

1. TCL (43 inches) AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV 43P8

TCL, for years, has remained one of India’s leading consumer electronics brand. This 43-inch 4K HD TV by TCL is truly a modern device. Its smart AI voice interaction feature makes the television pleasantly user-friendly.


With the help of this feature, you can gain easy access to all your favorite entertainment content by simply speaking into the microphone implanted in your remote. Apart from this, you can also use the voice recognition feature to organize your calendar, make travel plans, and ask questions.

Primary Features

  • 43-inch screen
  • AI for easy voice interaction
  • Advanced AI picture engine
  • AI interconnection for easily connecting to other smart devices
  • Enhanced audio quality with AI sound engine
  • Uses HDR 10 format
  • Micro dimming for minute adjustments
  • Available ports: 2 for HDMI and 2 for USB
  • Flexible HLG approach
  • Uses the latest Android Pie Operating System
  • Easy access to hours of popular content

The intelligent AI picture engine used by this television perfectly recognizes the content in each scene via AI algorithm. It helps to dynamically improve the overall brightness, picture saturation, and also contrast levels. This provides you with a more real and vivid viewing experience.

The television also comes with amazing audio quality because of its AI Sound Engine. This smart feature is able to dynamically compensate the overall sound quality according to the set volume.

It further helps to improve the distortions caused by signals or speakers. It has been designed to provide you with an authentic listening experience at every volume level.

The television can easily connect to various smart household devices with the help of its AI interconnection feature. You may connect it to devices such as – curtains, lights, sweeping robots, etc.

The HDR 10 format followed by this television provides you with nothing short of dazzling, crystal-clear images that accurately reproduce all dark and light shades.

The device is also able to make micro-adjustments via its micro dimming feature. This feature separates the picture into 1296 zones so that it is able to accurately adjust the brightness or darkness in each of these zones.

The flexible HLG approach helps the television’s performance match the expected HDR standards. You can also use the television to access several official google services via Google Play.

It is compatible with various streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, etc. The TV operates with the help of the latest Android Pie or Android ver. 9.

It’s exclusive collaboration with OTT will allow you to access a host of various contents and channels. With it, you can easily enjoy movies, sports, live shows, music, and other similar content. This television comes with two ports for HDMI cables and one port for USB cables.

  • 18-month warranty on product
  • Intelligent AI technology
  • HDR 10 display with HLG
  • Uses the latest Android ver. 9 as Operating System
  • Easy access to streaming sites and hours of content
  • Customers have complained that the remote is not properly responsive


2. Hisense (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV 43A71F

HISENSE is a multinational electronic appliances manufacturer whose products come with the promise of both proper functionality and long-lasting durability. This 4k LED television by HISENSE comes well equipped with both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.


The Dolby Vision ensures a superior viewing experience. It brings about an astonishing brightness and allows you to enjoy ultra-vivid colours. It also provides an expanded contrast that further helps to enhance the overall image clarity.

Primary Features

  • Amazing video quality with HDR Dolby Vision
  • Equipped with ultra-dimming function
  • Is powered by Android TV (version 9.0)
  • Immersive audio experience with Dolby Atmos
  • AI Google Assistant
  • Special Game mode and sports mode
  • Provides Dual Band Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth audio
  • Connectivity options: 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports
  • Screen size: 108 cm or 43 inches

The ultra-vivid, high-contrast panel preserves the integrity of the various shades of colours and presents them to you in the most realistic, detail-oriented manner possible. The ultra-dimming feature further makes minute adjustments which only helps to improve the overall display quality even more.

This television is powered by Android TV (version 9) which is officially certified by Google and is able to provide you with all the benefits and features that you would expect from a Smart TV.

This new version of Android software has been specifically streamlined towards providing you with a much faster and easier operation. The official Google Play app comes already pre-installed on your television.

It will help you gain easy access to over 500,000 TV shows, movies, and other similar media content.

The television also connects to your smartphone and other such devices which will allow you to directly cast any images or videos from these devices on your television screen.

The superior quality surround-sound or moving audio provided by the Dolby Atmos makes for an incredibly authentic audio experience. It will not only allow you to enjoy the action on screen but will also provide you with a more immersive experience.

The design of this television is ultra-slim and it is also manufactured to be bezel-less. This bezel-less setup allows the display to pleasantly spread across the whole 43-inch screen without restrictive frames or boundaries.

Furthermore, the television also comes with the Google Assistant feature which accurately recognises your voice so as to properly understand your commands and answer your questions.

The television comes with separate and specialised modes for gaming and for enjoying your favourite sports content. Its precision colour feature coupled with its intelligent noise reduction truly brings to you the best possible display.

It comes with an in-built Chromecast and provides 5 separate ports for improved connectivity.

Out of these 5 ports, 3 are for HDMI cables and 2 are for USB. The television provides both Bluetooth audio and dual-band WiFi. This Smart TV allows you to access numerous streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, etc.

  • 1-year comprehensive warranty
  • Ultra-slim, bezel-less design
  • Comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • Specialized modes for sports and gaming
  • Relatively poor touch screen quality


3. Kodak (43 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV 43UHDX7XPRO

KODAK has an amazing range of smart Televisions that are both modern and high-functioning. It comes with a large screen of 43 inches that provides a high-quality display.


The screen brightness can be enhanced upto 500 nits which not only ensures proper contrast but also makes the overall image quality pleasantly vivid. Thus, even the darkest scenes in movies will be visible to you with utmost clarity.

Primary Features

  • Large 43-inch screen
  • Powerful 24W speakers (in-built)
  • Android TV with Android version 9.0
  • Provides outstanding image depth and display quality
  • Processor: Cortex A53 Quad Core
  • GPU used: Mali450
  • Ample connectivity options with additional ports for both HDMI and USB cables
  • Supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Amazing screen brightness up to 500 Nits

The TV uses Android version 9 and brings to you all the amazing features that come with it. This means that you can easily access thousands of applications even on your Television. Other than this, it also comes with powerful and reliable hardware. 

You also get a Bluetooth remote that can be operated simply by voice commands. The television is able to provide you with amazing image depth at all times. It achieves this by applying varying levels of contrast to numerous different areas on the screen.

This kind of amazing image quality will not only enhance your general viewing experience but also your gaming experience when you are playing games on the TV.

The television’s high-grade performance is owed to its reliable Cortex A53 Quad-Core processor and Mali450 GPU. The GPU and the processor help to greatly enhance the television’s speed of operation to give you a smooth and high-quality viewing experience.

The television comes with in-built 24W speakers. These are very powerful output speakers that make sure that every sound is audible to you with utmost clarity and detail.

Both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options are available with this Television. It also comes with 3 separate ports for HDMI cables and 2 ports for USB cables.

The remote is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand and comes with Hotkeys dedicated for Google assistance, YouTube, Prime, and also Sony Liv. Moreover, the television has a stylishly sleek bezel design that gives it a pleasant and aesthetic appearance.

  • Standard 1-year warranty
  • Superior-grade processor and GPU
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Ergonomic and smart remote design
  • Provides screen brightness up to 500 Nits
  • Customers have reported that the audio output fluctuates at times


4. Kevin (49 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KN49UHD-PRO

KEVIN is a renowned consumer electronics brand and is considered to be one of the foremost professional manufacturers or Televisions and monitors. This 4k Ultra HD TV by Kevin comes with a grand 49-inch screen display.


It is powered by Android 8 and comes with a Cinewall which brings to you all the best content spanning a wide range of genres. It also comes with numerous official Cloud TV applications.

Primary Features

  • Screen size: 49 inches
  • Powered by Android 8 and well equipped with Cinéwall
  • Automatic and regular self-updates
  • Provides option for easy search via Content Discovery Engine
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Smooth Quad Core Processor
  • News apps for live news updates
  • Enhanced colour quality via Quantum Lucent Technology
  • HDR 10 display
  • Wide colour gamut technology
  • 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports

With this television, you can easily avail numerous popular streaming services such as Zee5, Hotstar, Voot, Sony Liv, Eros Now, etc. It also brings to you all the latest news updates via the numerous news applications included within the Cinewall.

It is a smart device that is capable of self-updating without any intervention from your side. It automatically updates itself with all the regular firmware updates.

This helps to maintain the smoothness of operation by enhancing the performance quality of installed applications, the software, and also the television’s interface.

This television provides an innumerable range of content and therefore comes with a smart Content Discovery Engine to help you navigate easily through this sea of content.

You simply need to type in the correct title of the content you are looking for and the Content Discovery Engine will do all the searching for you. It correctly and efficiently searches the whole content pool to bring to you your desired result.

The Movie Box application that comes with this television provides you with a selected assortment of over 15000 movies to choose from. These movies span across more than 15 regional languages and also across various different genres.

The television allows screen mirroring which means that you can share your TV screen with other smart devices. This e-share feature allows you to watch all your favourite content on a much bigger, better screen which you had otherwise been watching on a much smaller smartphone screen.

The television comes with a reliable Quad-core processor. It not only ensures smooth performance but also makes the device ideal for multitasking.

The Quantum Lucent Technology used by this television greatly enhances the display quality. It achieves this by accelerating the colour quality of the whole display across the wide screen..

The wide color gamut provided by this television makes each shade of color come alive and immerse you in intense life-like visuals. It’s HDR 10 display ensures that high display quality is maintained for both the brightest and darkest of visuals.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Quantum Lucent Technology
  • Wide colour gamut
  • Content Discovery engine for easy searches
  • Automatic self-updates
  • The audio output is problematic sometimes


5. Mitashi 107.95 cm (43 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV MiDE043v10 4KS

MITASHI is one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics brands and is considered to be one of the leading forces in the Television and Video Game industry. This smart Android TV by MITASHI is powered by Android version 4.4.


This android-based OS allows to access a wide selection of applications even on your television via Google Play. Just like a smartphone, you can use the television to enjoy social media, check emails, or download your desired content.

Primary Features

  • Smart Android Television with Android ver. 4.4
  • DLED display with backlighting
  • Ultra-slim panel
  • 3840x2160p Ultra HD resolution
  • Brilliant colour accuracy and visibility
  • gh speed, 1.2 GHz dual core processor
  • Allows smartphones to be used as remotes via agile remote server
  • 2 ports for HDMI cables, 2 ports for USB cables and one VGA port
  • Wide 178-degree viewing angle
  • High contrast ratio of 300000:1

The television has a superior quality DLED display along with backlighting. This ensures a very high picture quality that has a total resolution of 3840x2160P.

With this television, you will not only be able to experience outstanding colour accuracy but also amazing visual contrast and visibility. Both dark and light shades are displayed on screen with amazing clarity.

Furthermore, the television comes with an amazingly high contrast ratio of 300000:1. This helps to produce crisp and sharp images with breathtakingly vivid colour quality.

The television further allows you to connect your Android smartphone or laptop to the TV and share your screen. This means that all the content that you previously watched on your laptop or smartphone can now be watched on a much bigger television screen with superior display quality.

This television makes use of a high-speed and reliable 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. This efficient processor makes sure that you experience nothing short of smooth and convenient operation.

It allows you to enjoy gaming and use multiple applications in a pleasant, hassle-free manner. Another handy feature of this television is that it allows you to use your smartphone as the TV remote.

It has an agile remote server or client app to effectively take care of this function.

The bezel design on the edges of the screen is so narrow that it appears almost edge-less. This allows you to enjoy the large screen even better as the outer corner of the screen seamlessly blends in with the bezel.

The television also provides amazing connectivity options with separate ports for USB cables (2), HDMI cables (2), and also VGA cables (1). Other than this, it is a convenient and power-efficient device that delivers an amazing performance at the cost of relatively low energy expenditure.

  • Comes with a warranty period of 1 year
  • DLED display and backlighting available
  • Agile remote server
  • Power-efficient device
  • High contrast ratio (300000:1)
  • Poor screen mirroring that is not adequately responsive to certain applications


6. Sanyo (43 inches) Kaizen Series 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV XT-43UHD4S

SANYO is a Japanese electronics company that is well known for its stylish, high-quality products. This smart TV by Sanyo is a product of world-class Japanese technology and is powered by the latest Android 9 Operating system.


It allows you to gain easy access to all the innumerable Android applications via the Android TV play store. Thus, you can enjoy and avail the services of popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, etc. on your Television as well.

Primary Features

  • Operating System used: Android Pie (or Android ver. 9)
  • 4k UHD display along with HDR 10 and HLG
  • Quad Core CPU and Triple Core GPU
  • Large 16 GB storage
  • Micro dimming technology available
  • Voice search via Google Assistant
  • Connectivity options: 3 HDMI ports, 1 port for headphones (out) and 2 USB ports
  • Ergonomically designed, stylish remote
  • Superior acoustics with Dolby Digital and powerful 20W speakers
  • Can be mounted on walls

Another amazing feature of this television is its stunning display. It follows the HDR 10 format and also comes with HLG. This allows the television to accurately reproduce about 1.07 billion shades of colours or maybe even more.

Each of these colours has crystal-clear visibility regardless of the angle you are viewing them from. The overall performance of the television is greatly influenced and enhanced by its powerful Quad Core CPU and Triple core GPU.

The television also comes with a very large storage capacity of 16 GB. Most other televisions within this price range are unable to provide such large storage.

The micro-dimming feature further contributes to the amazing display quality of this television. It thoroughly analyses the content on the screen and properly adjusts the brightness and darkness levels, wherever required.

This micro-dimming technology breaks up the whole image into 1296 separate zones so that each part is tended to with utmost accuracy.

The built-in Chromecast of this television is an especially handy feature. It will allow you to cast photos, videos, or images from Android, Mac, iOS, Chromebook, and Windows devices directly on to the large television screen.

The TV also comes with a voice recognition feature that allows you to conduct voice searches via the dedicated Google Assistant button on your remote. The remote has a stylish and ergonomic design to ensure ultimate comfort.

This television comes with ample connectivity options as well. It provides 3 separate ports for HDMI cables, 2 ports for USB cables, and another additional port for Headphones (out).

The audio link technology of this television lets you play any song from your phone directly on the television via Bluetooth connectivity. It comes equipped with Dolby Digital technology and powerful 20W speakers that will allow you to enjoy a superior acoustic experience.

  • 1-year brand warranty
  • Superior audio powered by Dolby Digital
  • Very large storage (16 GB)
  • HDR 10 along with HLG
  • Uses latest Android version 9.0 as Operating system
  • The system may hang at times


7. eAirtec (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55AT

e-Airtec is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of consumer electronics. Their products are both efficient and affordable. This smart TV by eAirtec comes with the promise of the exceptional picture and sound quality.


It provides an ultra HD resolution of 3480x2160p and has an amazing refresh rate of 60 hertz. It comes equipped with powerful 30W speakers which truly help to enhance your listening experience by delivering perfectly clear and high-quality audio.

Primary Features

  • Smart TV with built-in screen mirroring
  • Android-based Operating System (with Android version 8)
  • Multiple connectivity options – 2 HDMI ports, 1 VGA port and 2 ports for USB cables
  • Exceptional audio and display quality
  • IPS-grade display panel
  • Fast response speed
  • Provides access to popular streaming services
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Large 55-inch screen

The company also confidently vouches for the televisions durability. The device has been designed with carefully chosen materials so that it lasts for a long time despite regular and heavy use.

The television has an IPS-grade panel which ensures not only an accurate representation of the various shades of colours but also wide viewing angles. You get the goodness of ultra HD picture quality from every angle.

The television is both fast and responsive as far as its operation is concerned. It comes with the Android 8 operating system. This integrated Android-based OS will allow the system to easily connect with your home network or Firestick.

Thus, you can now avail numerous streaming services on the Television itself. This means that you can enjoy your favourite online content on a large 55-inch screen with an ultra HD display, instead of a relatively smaller smartphone screen.

The built-in mirroring function of this Television is another important feature that makes it a smart and convenient purchase.

With this feature, you can directly share the screen of your smart devices with your television and therefore mirror the content on the large TV screen.

Last but not the least, this television also allows ample connectivity options. It has a total of 5 ports to allow different kinds of media inputs. Two of these ports are especially for HDMI cables, two of them are for USB cables and the last one is for VGA cables.

  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • High quality display panel
  • Fast and responsive
  • Very large display screen (55 inches)
  • Ideally suited for Gaming
  • Customers have complained of poor post-sale Customer Service


8. LG (43 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43UM7290PTF

LG has remained one of the most popular consumer electronics companies in India for many years now. Their products come with the assurance of superior functionality and durability.


This 4K UHD television by LG immerses you in a top-notch viewing experience with the help of its high-quality audio and display. The special IPS display of this television produces crystal-clear images that seem splendidly realistic. Each colour is vivid and displayed with great detail.

Primary Features

  • Size of display screen: 43 inches
  • 4k image quality with IPS display
  • Wide viewing angle
  • DTS Virtual:X audio
  • Efficient Quad core Processor
  • Maintains true colour accuracy
  • Apple Airplay 2 connectivity
  • Handy Home Dashboard that is ideal for organising a daily routine
  • Wireless audio connectivity
  • Smart ThinQ AI with both Google Assistant and Alexa

The display is smartly designed so as to provide you with a wide viewing angle. This means that the quality of the displayed image will remain the same regardless of the angle it is being viewed from. The television is able to maintain 100% color accuracy from every angle.

It also comes with an active HDR that constantly and dynamically maintains the UHD quality of the displayed image. The television’s DTS Virtual: X audio system lets you experience superior, multi-dimensional audio.

The in-built speakers are sufficiently powerful and are able to deliver rich and high-quality sound from every angle.

This television uses a Quad-Core processor which is both reliable and fast. It has a marked positive effect on the overall functionality of the television.

It also eliminates any noise and helps with the overall display quality by creating more dynamic colour and contrast. The television very efficiently maintains true colour accuracy. Even the slightest change in shades of colours will be visible to you.

This television has a large content store which includes numerous popular streaming services – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc.

With the help of Apple Airplay 2, you can connect any Apple device to the television so that you are able to play the content (music, videos, photos) from your Apple device directly on your TV screen.

The Home Dashboard feature of this television allows you to remotely access all the devices that are connected to your TV from one single screen.

Unlike most other televisions within this price range, this particular television comes with both Google Assistant and Alexa. You get the option of choosing whichever one is more convenient for you.

  • 1-year warranty provided by LG India
  • Uses Active HDR
  • Superior quality audio with DTS Virtual:X
  • Supports both Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Retains true colour accuracy for high-quality display
  • The LG magic remote for this Television needs to be purchased separately and does not come as a part of the package


9. Mi TV 4X (50 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV

MI has quickly grown to become one of the largest consumer electronics brands in India. This is all because their products are able to provide amazing features at very low costs. It comes with a superior HDR 10 UHD display along with amazing Dolby audio system.

Mi-TV-4X-50 Inches-4K-Ultra-HD-Android-LED-TV

Its high-quality 10-bit panel not only assures amazing image depth but also a vast colour palette. This panel is able to accurately reproduce about 1.07 billion different colours which produces exquisitely life-like images.

Primary Features

  • HDR 10 television with 4k UHD display
  • 20W Dolby speakers along with DTS-HD
  • Data Saving option
  • Patchwall with massive catalogue of content
  • Multiple ports: HDMI (3), USB (2) and S/PDIF (1)
  • AI Google Assistant
  • 10-bit panel
  • Accurately reproduces about 1.07 billion shades of colours
  • Vivid Picture Engine
  • Easy access to popular and on-demand streaming services
  • Amlogic Cortex A53 processor
  • Smart MI remote that can be connected via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Large 50-inch screen

This superior display is also a result of the Vivid Picture engine that this television comes equipped with. This picture engine maintains both color accuracy and color vibrancy and brings to you the best possible viewing experience.

The television has powerful 20W in-built Dolby speakers along with DTS-HD sound configuration. It produces high-quality audio that makes the viewing experience even more immersive. The television uses Android 9 operating system.

Thus, via google play, you can gain access to innumerable android apps on your Television as well. This television provides you access to ample media content.

It comes with a Patchwall (version 3.0) that contains a massive catalogue of content spanning across numerous genres. It is sure to leave you spoilt for choice.

You can also avail popular streaming applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. on your television itself. The television runs on the latest Amlogic Cortex A53 processor. It is not only power efficient but also processes data very fast (64-bit).

There are numerous ports at the back of the television for various different kinds of media inputs. There are 3 dedicated ports for HDMI cables, 2 ports for USB cables and also one dedicated port for S/PDIF.

The television comes with a smart MI remote that can be connected to the television via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can also gain access to the google assistant via this remote and issue voice commands.

  • One-year warranty on product and another additional year of warranty on panel
  • Powerful Dolby Speakers
  • Amazing display with Vivid picture engine
  • High-quality processor
  • Relatively large screen size
  • The screen mirroring feature may display lagging at times


Buyers Guide – Best 4K TV under 30000 in India

As you have noticed in our reviews list, 4K televisions come with a wide array of important and useful features. These features largely dictate the overall visual and audio experience that these televisions are capable of providing.


Therefore, they must be carefully considered before you make a purchase for yourself. In the Buyers Guide given below, we have discussed all the important features of 4K televisions in detail so that you are confidently able to choose the best for yourself.

Factors to consider before Buying 4K UHD TV

1. Size of Screen

The size of the display screen is an important thing to consider especially in the case of 4K UHD televisions. This is because not all screen sizes can adequately support such a high resolution.

You will need to purchase a TV with a display screen of at least 43 inches to enjoy the full display quality. 4K UHD Televisions can come with screen sizes as large as 50-55 inches.

If you have enough space in your entertainment room and prefer a large screen display then you can opt for these larger screen variants.

The size of your entertainment room is important because you need to maintain a safe distance of at least 4-5 feet from the television; otherwise, it may hamper your health.

2. Smart TV Features

A smart TV is basically a television that is capable of directly connecting to the internet. There are many smart televisions that you can avail within our stipulated budget.

Different televisions make use of different kinds of software to connect to the Internet. LG televisions usually come with WEB OS and Samsung televisions generally use TIZEN OS; some televisions are compatible with Apple Airplay 2 as well.

However, the most popular kind of Smart TVs are definitely the Android Smart TVs. This is mainly due to their user-friendly nature and innumerable convenient features.

An Android TV is capable of functioning almost like an Android smartphone. They allow you access to a wide array of applications and entertainment and often come with a built-in Chromecast.

3. Connectivity Ports

Connectivity ports are another important thing to consider before purchase because it will determine the number and also type of external devices that you can connect to your Television.

Most Smart TVs today come with a standard of 3 HDMI ports and USB ports. There may also be ports for VGA or S/PDIF, depending on the brand and model.

Make sure that the ports of the television you buy are compatible with the kind of external devices you are hoping to connect it to.

4. Display

There are two main kinds of display that you can avail with 4K UHD Televisions: transmissive and emissive. The main difference between these two types of displays is their light source. In the case of transmissive displays, they operate with backlighting as their light source.

However, emissive displays depend on pixels that generate light and acts as their light source. Within our limited budget, only transmissive displays are available to us. Display types like LED, LCD, QLED, etc. are all transmissive in nature.


5. Audio Features

Improper sound quality can ruin the whole experience no matter how good the display is. Therefore, it is important to check for audio quality before making any permanent purchase.

A lot of customers often end up buying external or additional speakers to make up for audio deficiencies. However, if you do not have such plans then it is suggested that you opt for a powerful speaker (preferably 20W or higher).

Within our budget, you can easily avail good in-built speakers within a range of 20W to 30W.

Other than the speaker quality, if the television is equipped with special sound enhancement features like Dolby Atmos or DTS X then your audio experience will be even better.

6. Panel Technology

Display panels in modern Smart televisions come with a wide range of panel technologies – TFT Panels, VA panels, TN panels, IPS panels, etc. IPS panels or In-plane switching panels are considered to be among the finest of panels mainly due to its ability to produce bright and vibrant colors.

Its display remains unaffected by heat and light conditions and there is never any blackening caused on screen due to those conditions.

The black shades that it produces are similar to those produced via QLED display. IPS panels also provide a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. The display quality remains intact regardless of the angle you are viewing the television from.

7. Contrast Ratio

A contrast ratio mainly refers to the ratio of brightness and darkness levels in the display. Other than the colour quality, this contrast ratio is also very important in ensuring a good display quality.

Companies may mention their contrast ratio in terms of native contrast ratio and dynamic contrast ratio.

Native contrast ratio refers to the contrast levels of the raw display before any advanced image enhancing features have been added.

A good native contrast ratio is anything about 6000:1 or higher. A dynamic contrast ratio is the contrast level that we get after the Television has been fully equipped with all its advanced features. A good dynamic contrast ratio within our budget would be 300000:1 or more.  

8. Resolution and Refresh Rate

Since we are looking into 4K UHD televisions in this particular article, our resolution options are pretty much fixed. However, the refresh rate still remains an important factor to be considered.

The most common refresh rate that you will find within budget is 60Hz. A 60 Hz refresh rate simply means that the television is capable of changing or refreshing as many as 60 images within a mere span of 1 second.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best 4K TV under 30000 in India

Q1. What is a 4K UHD TV?

Ans. UHD refers to Ultra High Definition. UHD televisions come with superior quality displays and more vibrant colours.
These UHD televisions generally follow 2 kinds of digital video formats – 4K UHD and 8K UHD. Both have an aspect ratio of 16:9. 4K UHD TVs are basically UHD televisions with a minimum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.

Q2. Are all 4K TVs UHD?

Ans. Most 4K televisions in the market come with the UHD tag as well. UHD televisions, in general, either come with a 4K video format or 8k video format.

Q3. What is a 4K UHD Smart TV?

Ans. A Smart TV refers to a TV that can connect to the internet just like your smart phone or other smart devices. This gives you access to a wide range of applications and also media content.
Different TV models make use of different software such as WEB OS, ANDROID, Firestick, etc. to connect to the internet. Thus, 4K UHD smart TVs are those 4K UHD TV models that can similarly connect to the internet.

Q4. What is the best 4K UHD TV?

Ans. There is not necessarily any 4K UHD TV that can be termed as the best 4K UHD TV. This is because there are many variable factors to be considered such as price range, personal needs of individual customers, etc.
There are numerous good televisions that come with some pros and cons. However, some are definitely better than others and we have listed the best available models (within budget) in our reviews list.

Conclusion – Best 4K TV under 30000 in India

By now, you must have been able to pick a favourite; however, if you are still not sure, then we recommend you to go consider the Kevin (49 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KN49UHD-PRO.

This television by Kevin provides some of the best and most efficient features within its price range. It has a sufficiently large 49-inch screen and comes with HDR 10 display.


It is also equipped with Quantum Lucent Technology that greatly enhances the picture quality. Having an Android-based Operating System, this television allows you access to the large collection of Android applications.

You can also avail popular streaming services on this television. It has numerous handy features like Content Discovery Engine, Free Movie Box, and also a Cinewall to further enhance your overall experience.

There are also additional ports for HDMI (2) and USB (2) cables at the back of the television.


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