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9 Best Drawing Tablets in India (2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Are you looking to buy a Drawing Tablet?

If Yes, You have reached the right place!

A Drawing Tablet provides the benefit of writing or drawing on an electronic board with a specific type of pen called the Stylus” without the need to carry a notebook and a pen or a pencil wherever we have to go.

It has also made the happening of online classes easier. Without this device in hand, the teachers would not be able to deliver the whole content to the student.


Either the students will not be able to grasp the complete information the teacher is trying to deliver. The drawing tablets are very handy and can be used effortlessly to make instant drawings or take notes at the very moment.

It can be taken out anytime as it is a smart device that is obviously going to be in our bags all the time, unlike paper and pen.

Knowing that this drawing tablet has so many uses in our day-to-day life, it is not possible to resist ourselves from buying it right?

Yes, then what are you waiting for? Quickly browse through the reviews of the Best Tablets in India along with the Buying Guide discussed below.

These are the Top 9 Best Drawing Tablets in India

ProductsCompatabilityLevels of PressurePower InputSizeWarrantyBuy Now
XP Pen Star03 V2 Graphics Drawing Tablet PenWindows & Mac8192 LevelsUSB10 x 6 inches1 Yearamazon-button
Wacom One by CTL-472/K0-CX Small Graphic Tablet Windows & Mac2048 LevelsUSB Type A6 x 3.5 inches1 Yearamazon-button
VEIKK S640 V2 Support Android Graphic Tablet PenWindows & Mac8192 LevelsUSB Type C10 x 4 inches1 Yearamazon-button
HUION HS64 Graphics Drawing TabletWindows & Mac8192 LevelsUSB6.3 x 4 inches1 Yearamazon-button
XP-Pen Deco01 V2 Digital Graphics Drawing Pen Windows & Mac8192 LevelsUSB Type C10 x 6.25 inches1 Yearamazon-button
CASE U Graphics Drawing TabletWindows & Mac8192 LevelsUSB8.3 x 5.5 inches1 Yearamazon-button
VEIKK A15 Graphics Drawing Tablet Pen Windows & Mac8192 LevelsType C10 x 6 inches1 Yearamazon-button
Huion Inspiroy H640P Graphics Drawing Tablet Windows8192 LevelsType C6 x 4 inches1 Yearamazon-button
XP-Pen Deco Pro Medium Graphics Drawing TabletWindows & Mac8192 LevelsUSB11 x 6 inches1 Yearamazon-button

Best Drawing Tablets in India (2021)

1. XP Pen Star03 V2 Graphics Drawing Tablet Pen Tablet

XP Pen is a brand that has been pioneers in producing quality drawing tablets at the cheapest rates. This is a brand which supplies its innovation to leading brands for designing, drawing. It is also known for its easy accessibility and can be ideal for education, editing, and much more.


It is crafted with a large screen size of 10*6 inches which allows the user to slide their hands across the screen to make free-hand drawings and designs. Not only designs and drawings, new thoughts and ideas can also be jotted down limitlessly, with space not being an issue. 

Primary Features

  • 8192 levels pen press
  • 10” X 6” Size
  • Battery Free Stylus
  • 8 shortcut Keys
  • 8 Nibs
  • Active area
  • 8 Express keys
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed people
  • 8 customisable express keys

The feel of using this device is similar to the one we get while listing them on paper and pen. It encourages to create variations in the line width and opacity giving the final presentation of the work a neat look. This is possible because of the 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity.

The device gets more compatible as the controls are easily visible. It can be used alongside windows and macOS with easy installation.

Therefore, working with corel painter and draw, and adobe photoshop, illustrator, flash, and much more software’s become very easy and helpful. Working on these software’s means working on designing, drawing, and animation.

The stylus which is the true mate of the drawing tablet is battery-free and needs absolutely zero charging for it to keep working throughout the day.

It’s intelligent technology enables automatic line correction, anti-shake function which can adjust itself to give a better and legible text or drawing on the screen even though the drawing was done in a shaky environment.

It has 8 customizable shortcuts for frequently used functions so that, we do not have to search for the icons now and then. These include the zoom-in, zoom-out icons, changing brush size, brush tolls, and hand tools.

In addition to these features in the tables, the stylus also possesses functions like click toggle to improve the efficiency and speed of the stylus.

As mentioned earlier, online classes get much easier with the help of these drawing tablets. Thus, this drawing tablet gives the additional benefit of being compatible with any online meeting softwares such as zoom, google meat, Microsoft Teams, webex, and many other platforms.

  • Automatic line correction
  • Large working area
  • Excellent stylus mechanism
  • Not a lot of angles to hold the pen
  • Touch sensitivity is not as expected


2. Wacom One by CTL-472/K0-CX Small Graphic Tablet 

Wacom is a brand that can take the user’s digital drawing experience to a whole new level. They make sure there is enough space and optimized features to let the user put in their thoughts and ideas.


It is a brand that has led the creators to imagine and bring animation characters to life, including the jungle book. This Wacom CTL-472 drawing tablet is much smaller in size than any of the tablets available in the market.

Primary Features

  • Pressure sensitive pen
  • Light weight
  • Handy and efficient
  • Configurable buttons
  • Maximised active area
  • EMR technology
  • Standard brand warranty

The dimensions of the tablet being 14.6 cm X 21 cm X 0.9 cm, makes it very portable and can fit into any bag for an emergency. Although, the drawing tablet is small, there is a vast amount of active working area still left to put down new innovations and ideas. 

In compliment to its small size, the tablet is also very light-weight; weighing only 249 grams. All of this combine together gives the tablet a compact design.

After knowing the specifications of the tablet, it is vital to go through the pen that comes along with the tablet. The pen is cordless and battery-free and works completely on the mechanism of pressure sensitivity.

Without the cords, there is no hindrance caused while drawing and designing. Along with the fact that this tablet gives a feel exactly same as while progressing the work on a pen and paper, it allows the artwork to be captured digitally.

The tablet has a unique EMR technology; advanced electromagnetic pen which gives better control and accuracy while the user handles it. The pressure levels on the tip are 2048 which is responsible for its smooth functioning.

There are a number of configurable buttons to the side of the tablet, also a shortcut for various functions to be performed. It can be plugged into Mac or Windows via a USB plug-in cable.

In addition, the tablet needs some extra system requirements: Windows 7 or above, OS X 10.10 or later, Standard USB port, Stable internet connection for downloading device drivers.

The product comes with a standard brand warranty. At the time of packaging, the drawing tablet is accompanied with a drawing pen, replacement nibs, USB cable, quick start guide, and a warranty card.

  • Best for beginner illustrations
  • Essential as an online teaching platform
  • User friendly
  • Occurrence of errors are high
  • Not compatible with every device and the version of its software


3. VEIKK S640 V2 Support Android Graphic Tablet Pen Drawing Tablet

VEIKK is a widely known brand originating from the country China specialized in the production of graphic tablets and displays. These tablets they have produced are compatible for sketching, drawing, designing, and much more.


They are user-friendly too which can be used by beginners as well as professionals ranging from the smallest of sizes to the larger ones. This tablet is produced by one of the leading brands in producing drawing tablets which makes it worth the money as we already know it.

Primary Features

  • Intelligent passive pen
  • Ultra thin drawing tablet
  • Battery free pen
  • Compatible with almost all softwares
  • Report rates: 250 pps
  • Reading height: 10mm
  • 5080 LPI resolution

The tablet has many hidden features which are not included in the other drawing tablets in the same pricing. The device comprises of 4-inch battery and 2 OTG ports allowing the connection between a smartphone and the tablet to be established.

The other port can be used to connect another device too. It’s ultra-thin design allows it to loom sleek and stylish and also makes it easier to carry wherever we go; portable.

In addition to the 2 OTG ports, it also has the facility of USB interfacing, plug, and play features making it convenient for both left-handed and right-handed users.

It is particularly designed for OSU, i.e; gaming, sketching, drawing, taking down notes, etc. The intelligent pen which comes in compliment with the tablet. It has 8192 levels pressure allowing smooth drawing or writing with an exact replica on the screen.

The pen offers more sensitivity and fluidity. This pen is battery-free which allows the pen to work all the time without any recharging needed. The compatibility of the device is with mac and windows.

It also supports almost all the software like photoshop, SAI, AI, Autodesk sketchbook. With all the online classes going on, this device would be suitable. It can support various online teaching and meeting platforms including Google Meets, zoom.

  • Designed for OSU
  • Battery free pen
  • 2 OTG ports
  • Intelligent passive pen
  • It can only be compatible with phone powered by android 6.0
  • Not suitable for iPhone for iPad


4. HUION HS64 Graphics Drawing Tablet

This is a brand that goes by its sayings “Simple but powerful”. Their products might look small when compared to other tablets in the market, but it is highly powerful and can produce output as much as some best ones out there.


Huion HS64 graphics drawing tablet has an ultra-thin and compact design which makes it look very sleek and can be very portable, mentioning its smaller size. Although, the small size, the device is very efficient in every aspect. It is only 8mm thick and weighs 258 grams.

Primary Features

  • Battery free stylus
  • 4 press keys
  • Anti slip design
  • Ultra thin and portable
  • Highly compatible
  • 266 pps report rate
  • 5080 LPI resolution
  • Eco-friendly

It’s small in size, but is designed with adequate working space and can be a lifesaver for person with less workspace. Coming to talk about its compatibility with the smart devices, it can be paired with Windows 7 or above, macOS 10.12 or greater, android 6, and newer versions.

With all these OS being compatible, it can support various updated software for drawing, designing, and editing like, Adobe Photoshop, corel painter, clip studio.

The device comes with a stylus for all its operations. This stylus is battery-free. This means there is no need for any wiring or batteries which makes this drawing tablet among the top choices of customers.

It has an 8192 pen pressure which gives maximum accuracy and precision. It has a report rate of 266 PPS, 5080 LPI resolution giving an output as expected.

The battery-free stylus, as mentioned above, helps in painting, drawing, and sketching smoothly with no charging required for it to keep working until its job is done.

For the convenience of the user, there are 4 customizable buttons on the side of the tablet. This makes it a shortcut for frequently used controls and functions.

These are given so that, we do not have to search for the controls every time we have to use them. Instead, it is just enough to click on the shortcuts assigned. The micro USB cable allows a higher rate of data transmission in a quick and effective manner.

The packaging comes with a battery-free pen, USB adapter, USB cable, Pen nibs, Pen nibs clip, a quick start guide, and a glove accompanied with the tablet. It comes with a standard brand warranty.  

  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • Anti slip design
  • Battery free pen
  • Not compatible with iPhones and iPads


5. XP-Pen Deco01 V2 Digital Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet 

The products of this brand are worth the money and are designed with a simple setup meaning anyone wanting to draw, design, teach can easily get adapted to using the graphic drawing pen tablet.


Their products are known for giving a feeling same as when we use a paper and pen for writing. This drawing tablet is of reasonable size providing more than enough working space to create your innovations. It is designed with a work area of 10” X 6.25”.

Primary Features

  • Active area
  • 8 customisable express keys
  • High tech drawing film
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Supports tilt function
  • New battery free stylus
  • Quick switch
  • Right click button on pen
  • Allows shading to drawings

It is expansive; its size can be adjusted according to the project we are working on. The drawing we are producing might be a building plan for a college or a structure with a greater number of public attention, this means that, the workspace has to be bigger.

While for taking notes, a smaller space would just be enough. The design of the tablet is astounding. The tablet is expansive, yet able to break through the limit between express keys and drawing area.

The tablet features a type- C input design, which can be easily used to plug in and plug out. The highlight of this product is its pen. Its latest passive pen design provides 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity for out-of-the-world creations.

There are 8 customisable keys located in the most accessible areas of the tablet. This provides an ergonomic and comfortable workspace without having to search for frequently used icons every now and then.

It is designed in such a way that it can be used by both left-handed people and right-handed people.

The drawing tablet is incorporated with the newest high-tech integrated circuits allowing it to perform excellently with the finest line flow and making it more efficient.

Again, the tablet and the pen together allow ground-breaking controllability and fluidity to visualize and simulate all your innovative thoughts on the screen digitally.

It is extremely thin; only 8mm thick which allows you to carry the tablet anywhere without any hindrance. The tablet comes with 8 replacement nibs in case one of them breaks.

The maximum report rate of the tablet is greater than 200 PRS with a 10 mm sensing height between the tablet and the drawing pen. The pen is battery-free, which means it can work endlessly until the user makes up his mind to stop working.

  • Type-c input design
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Expansive tablet
  • Large working area
  • Not very reliable


6. CASE U Graphics Drawing Tablet

This brand produces tablets which give uninterrupted designing and drawing experience with a whole set of customizable keys on either sides of the tablet. This tablet gives a surreal environment for the user for any purpose the tablet is used for.


This is a graphics tablet suitable for almost all online applications. It can perform drawing, designing, animation as fed by the user. One mandatory mode of teaching nowadays is online because of the global pandemic which has arrested all of us in our house.

Primary Features

  • 8192 levels of pressure
  • Ultra sensitive pen
  • Pen touch resolution of 5080 LPI
  • Reading speed of 230 PPS
  • Sensor height of 10mm
  • Compatible with almost all softwares
  • Wide working area

Online teaching can be best done through this graphics tablet. It is compatible with all the online teaching modes like google classroom as well as with online meeting platforms such as, zoom, Microsoft teams, webEx.

The tablet comes with an ultra-sensitive pen with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. This helps the tablet to distinguish between light presses and harder presses.

While the pen is held tightly and more pressure is put on the tablet, there are broader lines falling on the screen. While the pressure on the pen is small, the line on the screen is thinner.

The pen has to be charged unless the other tablets mentioned above. By removing the Silicon coating on the surface of the nib of the pen, we can start writing on the pen.

5 to 7 minutes of non-usage of the pen makes the pen to go to sleep. By pressing the pen on to the screen again, the pen can be awakened. The high-performance tablet is so-called because of its peculiar features.

It has a vast working area: 210 X 140mm, a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels. The pen touch resolution is 5080 LPI making it to allow marks on the screen even when it is glided smoothly through the tablet.

The reading speed of the tablet is 230 PPS and a sensor height of 10mm. Along with the features mentioned above, it can be compatible with windows 7 or 8 or 10, mac 10.12, or above.

It can be used with all major drawing and designing software including: Corel painter, Corel draw, Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Krita, SAI2, Sketch book pr, Firealpaca, Open canvas, Manga studio and many more

  • Wide working area
  • High performance tablet
  • Available in 2 colours
  • High reading speed
  • Pen requires a battery to be functional


7. VEIKK A15 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet

Veikk is a premium brand in the manufacture of graphics drawing pen tablets and displays which solely concentrates on improving its R and D and research segment.


By doing this, they are able to produce products of increasing quality day by day and also increase the amenities so that we could enjoy the tablet to its fullest. It is obvious that we have guessed the features hiding vicariously in the drawing tablet.

Primary Features

  • Ultra large drawing area
  • Intelligent passive technology pen
  • Designed for both right and left handed users
  • 12 fully customisable keys
  • One year warranty
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Report rate: 250RPS
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI
  • Type c interface port
  • No charge pen

The tablet has a wide working area which can be suitable for professional use too. It is designed to be used for both left and right-handed users without causing inconvenience for either set of users. The graphics drawing pen tablet is associated with a c-type input design.

The C-Type cable is easily available as it is compatible with smartphones too. The c-type port can easily be used for plugging in and out the cables on either side.

The drawing tablet comes with an additional 20 nibs and an artist glove to enhance the drawing experience. The tablet having a large working area, it is assumed to be heavy and not portable.

But this product is very lightweight and can be carried anywhere easily. The pen is infused with intelligent passive technology having a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels.

With so much pressure, the tablet can be used to draw thick, thin, and curvy lines with the help of the pressure put on the pen against the tablet.

The pen is battery-free with smart chip in it allowing artificial intelligence to take over while at work.

It has 12 fully customisable buttons on the side of the tablet which can be programmed for our convenience. Frequently used buttons can be duplicated into those keys for easier access to those icons.

The driver allows the shortcut keys to be attuned to many different softwares. The device is compatible with windows and mac and can only be used with personal computers.

It can also join hands with many other digital creation softwares to create a wide variety of drawings and designs. Those softwares include photoshop, corel paint, illustrator, paint storm studio and many more.

They include a standard brand warranty for a year and lifetime technical service for any of the Veikks products. This pen along with the tablet can give an uninterrupted drawing or designing experience to expand your creative thoughts.

  • Ultra large drawing area
  • 12 customisable keys
  • One year warranty
  • Cannot be used with android


8. Huion Inspiroy H640P Graphics Drawing Tablet

Huion is a brand that creates world-class tablets for various purposes such as drawing, designing, attending, and conducting online classes, lectures, and meetings. It also works by its mission to produce tablets which work very efficiently, yet is sold at a very cheap price.


This tablet has one special feature which most of the other tablets of this pricing range lack. It supports android, which means any application that can only be performed on the computer using the tablet can now be used on a smartphone itself.

Primary Features

  • OS android 6.0 supported
  • Battery free stylus
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Sufficient working area
  • 6 customisable express keys
  • Durable paper like surface
  • 6.3 X 3.9 inches in size
  • Light weight
  • Portable

However, the product is only compatible with a smartphone with an android version of 6.0 or greater. This only requires an OTG cable as the OTG port is a part of the design of the tablet. The battery-less pen complimented with this tablet is one of its kind.

Battery-less means there are no worries of any hassle caused by cables or by the leakage and replacement of batteries. It purely works on the pressure we apply on the pen against the tablet board.

The pen has a very high-pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels. Distinguishing between a light press and a hard press is an easy job for the tablet. It replicates the results accurately on the smart devices’ screen.

This tablet is known for its accuracy and precision. It is only 8mm thick. With such a light-weight body, this tablet is very durable and can also be carried anywhere with the user.

Its dimensions are 6.3 X 3.9 inches which provide sufficient working space for any complicated drawings. There are 6 customizable keys on either side of the board.

These keys can be programmed to our convenience. The most frequently used functions can be represented by the keys allowing the user to freely access the keys in no time.

Physical appearance and features are a very mandatory class to look for in a tablet before purchasing them. Buying a tablet which is very huge can cause hindrance while carrying it around and may not be very portable.

But this product as stated already is very lightweight and has a paper like surface. The graphics design tablet is coated with top grade materials guaranteeing its durability. Rounded corners give it an amazing finish and a sleek look.

  • One of the very few tablets which is compatible with android phones
  • Bezel less design
  • Premium coating with high grade materials
  • Battery free pen
  • iPhone and iPad are still not compatible with the tablet


9. XP-Pen Deco Pro Medium Graphics Drawing Tablet 

XP is a brand that stands at the top among the other brands when it comes to Graphics drawing tablet. They do not compromise quality for any reason. Their products are almost compatible with all the devices and all major designing and drawing software.


This graphics drawing tablet has a well-planned 11 X 6 working area which can be used for drawing as well as writing purposes. It is compact and portable because of its extremely thin surface which is only about 7mm thick. 

Primary Features

  • 11 X 6 active area
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Android support
  • Ultra thin pen tablet
  • Tilt function
  • 8 shortcut keys
  • Drawing glove with a batter free pen

The specialty of this device lies in its rounded edges giving it a sleek and stylish look. It works best with the XP pen along with the XP pen Deco draw app allowing smooth functioning of the pen along with the tablet.

The stylus pen is battery-free and has a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels which is the reason for the increased accuracy, control, and fluidity for smooth drawings and sketches.

On either side of the tablet, there are 8 customizable keys that allows easy access to frequently used options of the tablet. They decrease the difficulty in searching for the icon each time we have to use it.

The graphics drawing tablet allows tilt of about 60 degrees which is capable of quickly responding to the way our hand moves. The feature that makes this tablet special is its compatibility with android devices.

They are compatible with android version 6.0 and above. For professional level innovations, the double wheeled design is paired with the trackpad functionality.

It is also associated with a roller wheel indicator. This comprises of an indicator light which allows creativity to flourish even in dark rooms or rooms with dim light.

Not only with the android devices but this drawing tablet is even compatible with windows 7 and above. Also, you can use it with Mac OS X 10.10 and versions above it. It works with many designing and drawing softwares too.

To get through this pandemic, this tablet also supports online teaching platforms and meeting softwares such as Google classroom, Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams. What more do we need than purchasing the product from its pioneers.

  • Stylish drawing battery free pen
  • Good design
  • 8 replaceable nibs
  • Affordable
  • Pen does not work very efficiently


Buyer’s Guide – Best Drawing Tablets in India

Graphics drawing tablet has become one of the devices that is used almost by everybody since the pandemic due to covid virus had begun. It is now essential for indulging in online classes for teaching and listening to classes.

Not only for online classes, the drawing tablets are used for professional courses too. Animation and designing solely depend on the usage of drawing tablets. New creations can flourish besides professionalism.


With drawing tablets being so important in our lives, it is important to choose the ideal graphics tablet for completing our work. Here, we have mentioned the factors that need to be considered while purchasing a graphics tablet with the maximum amount of features and the cheapest price.

Factors to consider while buying a Drawing Tablet

1. Pressure Sensitivity

The pressure sensitivity of the drawing pen is the most important factor while it comes to purchasing a graphics tablet. The pressure sensitivity determines the thickness and intensity of any lines or sketches drawn on the tablet.

A beginner who has just started with drawing small and easy sketches would find a graphics drawing tablet with less amount of sensitivity sufficient.

Whereas, a person with high professionalism and sketching plans for a large-scale building would need a drawing tablet with a high amount of sensitivity.

However, considering the pressure sensitivity levels of a drawing pen, higher the pressure sensitivity of the drawing pen, higher is the pricing of the tablet.

As the convenience of drawing is raised, the price goes up to that level. After purchasing the tablet of higher rate, we would anyways realise the product was totally worth it.

2. Resolution

The next important factor to look into while purchasing a graphics tablet is the resolution of the graphics drawing tablet. The resolution specifications directly influence the clarity of the drawings and sketches drawn using the pen.

Higher the resolution, higher is the quality of the drawings the tablets can produce. Professionals who enjoy sketching portraits worth its beauty and precision would like to go for a graphics tablet with a very high resolution.

Lower resolution would be enough for beginners and engineers who design macroscopic sketches for buildings. The resolution of the tablet can be depicted with two measurements.


LPI is abbreviated for Lines Per Inch. More the LPI, more accurate drawings can be produced. Almost all the tablets we have mentioned above are of 5080 LPI and above. So, there is no worries about the LPI after referring this article.


RPS is the report rate speed which determines the rate at which the data is transmitted from the graphics tablet to the computer. It is important to look at the screen while drawing.

To complete the work smoothly, we need to get the accurate image of the sketch on the computer while putting it on the tablet itself. Therefore, a tablet with higher RPS is mandatory.


3. Size

The size of the tablet and the size of the working area of the tablet are two different things to take into consideration. It doesn’t matter what size the tablet as a whole is. It is all based on the portability and what size the customer wants the tablet to be.

For huge landscape portraits, a tablet of higher size would be required and vice-versa. All the tablets mentioned above are of varying sizes, which can be short-listed according to the size of the tablet you prefer.

The size of the working area is the main aspect to look for while considering the size of a graphics drawing tablet. More is the size of the working area, more is the space for working.

However, this is also a factor that affects the pricing of a graphics tablet. More is the working space, more is the information that can be written on the tablet, but more will be its price. Within the budget, we have surfed for the best tablets for you to take your decision easily.

4. Controls

Controls vary from device to device. Some tablets might have buttons around its edges, the others might have keys on either side of the tablet or on the drawing pen. Selecting a tablet with controls on the convenient place will be user-friendly in the future. 

Tablets nowadays have customisable keys on the tablet itself. Assigning frequently used functions to those keys in easily accessible areas can have a huge impact on the usability of the tablet. Keeping all the functions nearby would reduce time and also make it easier to use them.

Each tablet has their own number of customisable keys. Choosing your ideal tablet would make you deviate from other factors too. So, it is important to choose a tablet with the perfect mix and match of all the features.


5. Type of Stylus

Choosing the best stylus is equally important as the other factors because it is the writing tool which would help in recreating the image on innovative brains on the computer screen digitally.

The three types of stylus available on the market is:

Battery-Powered Stylus

This kind of stylus works with the ordinary batteries available in local shops. It has the advantage of working for a longer amount of time, but batteries can leak at times making the drawing pen useless for the next time.

Rechargeable Stylus

This kind of stylus needs charging using an adapter and the suitable USB cable. However, the charge goes off in a couple of hours after which, the pen has to be recharged every time. This kind of pen doesn’t suit for people undertaking travel.

Pen with EMR technology

The pen with EMR technology need not be charged or does not require a battery. It works on the principle of electromagnetic frequencies. This makes the stylus pen more durable. All the stylus pen comes under this category now a days.

In choosing a stylus pen, it is best to opt for a pen with an EMF technology. This might again cost a lit bit higher than the other two types of stylus pens.

6. Advanced Features

In addition to these main features, a good tablet would possess some unique features for itself which makes it extra special.

Tilt-sensitive feature could be a very useful technology while having to adjust hands to different positions during drawing. The next useful feature we are going to mention is the  Multi touch display.

Conclusion – Best Drawing Tablets in India

Knowing that designing, drawing, or teaching is your profession, it would be a necessity to purchase a graphics drawing tablet at some point in your career. This is a one-time investment for the majority.


So, it is likeable to buy the best according to your budget and requirements. We have listed the few best graphics tablet in the market to make your work easier.

For your satisfaction, some basic amenities that is compulsory in a drawing tablet are also included in the buying guide section of the article. Hope this has helped you to choose the ideal graphics drawing tablet made just for you.


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