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9 Best External SSD in India (2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for an external SSD?

Congratulations! Here, you will find the Best SSD’s in India!

Today, we will talk about the coolest tech accessory called Solid State Drive aka SSD which provides you with external and portable memory space which can be used to store all your important files and data including pictures, videos, documents, etc.


SSD is a new generation device and is replacing the conventional mechanical external hard Disks. SSD has several advantages such as good transfer speed, compactness, and portability.

Thus, today we will suggest to you the best SSDs in India that you can easily use to store your data in no time.

These are the Top 9 Best External SSD in India

ProductsConnectionData TransferStorageWarrantyBuy Now
Samsung T5 500GB External Solid State Drive Potable SSD (MU-PA500B)Type C540 MB/s500 GB3 yearsamazon-button
SanDisk 500GB SSD for PC & Mac & IP55 RatedType C550 MB/s500 GB3 yearsamazon-button
Seagate Barracuda Fast 500 GB External SSD (STJM500400)Type C540 MB/s500 GB3 yearsamazon-button
ASUS ROG STRIX Arion Aluminum Alloy M.2 NVMe SSDType C & A540 MB/s500 GB3 yearsamazon-button
Crucial 500GB X8 Portable SSD CT500X8SSD9Type C & A1050 MB/s500 GB3 yearsamazon-button
Samsung T7 Touch 500GB External SSD (MU-PC500K)Type C & A1050 MB/s500 GB3 yearsamazon-button
Seagate Ultra Touch 500 GB External SSD (STJW500400)Type C540 MB/s500 GB3 yearsamazon-button
ADATA ASD600Q 240GB Military Grade External SSD Solid State DriveType C440 MB/s500 GB3 yearsamazon-button
Western Digital My Passport 256GB External Solid State DriveType C540 MB/s512 GB3 yearsamazon-button

Best External SSD in India in 2021

Here, you will detailed information about the Top External SSD’s available in India in 2021. For each Solid State Drive mentioned below, you will find specifications, pros & cons that will help you in making an apt choice!

1. Samsung T5 500GB External Solid State Drive Potable SSD (MU-PA500B)

Samsung is a very reputed brand in the field of tech accessories and the company has worked hard to maintain its reputation and customer satisfaction by continuously introducing new products laced with modern technology.


This has certainly made Samsung one of the biggest brands in the Indian tech market. This cool SSD from Samsung certainly adds a little drama to computing with its elegant design, glossy casing and it comes in different colors.

Primary Features

  • Storage – 500
  • Data Transfer Speed – 540 MB/s
  • Series – T5
  • Item dimensions- 5.73 × 1.05 × 7.4 cm
  • Item weight – 51 grams
  • Hard Drive Interface – USB 1.1
  • Wattage – 3.1

This product with a chic metal design is very compact and is easy to carry and fits snugly in one’s palm. Along with that, it is a very sturdy and strong product and its internal frame makes it shock resistant that can handle accidental drops of up to 2 meters.

Also, it is protected by a tough aluminium body that ensures its robustness. It is available with different storage capacities so that you can choose according to your requirements. This product comes equipped with V-NAND technology.

The Samsung portable SSD software is enabled with 256-bit hardware-based encryption, this protects your personal and sensitive information with optional password protection.

This product comes with some amazing features and one of them is that it can transfer your data at a blockbuster speed of 540Mbps. This is almost 4.9 times faster than the external HDD’s.

Thus, this product is going to elevate data transfer to a whole new level and will provide you with an incomparable experience in data storage. It comes with Type C to C cables and types C to A cable for easier connectivity.

This product is compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. In terms of the compatibility of the device, this product is compatible with all the current devices and also promises to match up to the latest devices.

Hence, you will have no problem connecting it with your Smartphones, Pc, Gaming consoles, etc., and viola you can easily access all your music and video files in just a matter of seconds.

Thus, it enables you to access a large amount of data anywhere and anytime and get stuff done easily without any hassle.

If you want to buy this product but have a limited budget, then now is the time to act as Amazon is providing a whopping discount of upto 60% on this SSD. The company is so confident with this SSD, it is offering 3 years of warranty that makes this product stand out from the crowd.

  • Compact and Durable product
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Has both C to C and C to A cables
  • Transfer speed fluctuates sometimes


2. SanDisk 500GB SSD for PC & Mac & IP55 Rated

SanDisk is a 25-year-old company and a pioneer in the world of technology that created the world’s first flash-based solid state drive.


And we can say this without any doubt that it has continued to maintain its edge even today with its world-class products that provide an incomparable experience to its consumers who have remained very loyal to the brand.

Primary Features

  • Storage – 500 GB
  • Data Transfer Speed – 550 Mb/s
  • Model name – SanDisk Extreme
  • Product Dimensions – 9.65 × 4.83 × 0.76 cm
  • Item Weight – 30.01 Grams
  • Hardware Interface – USB 3.1 Type C

This amazing product is very travel-savvy as it is very compact and is pocket-sized. Thus, you can take it anywhere with you and can access your files without any delay. This is a very sturdy and robust material that is IP55 rated and is water as well as dust resistant. 

This enables it to stand up to rain, accidental splashes, spills, dust, etc. It is also certified to tolerate a 2 meter drop.

It also promises greater strength and durability with its shock-resistant solid state core. This awesome product will blow you away with an amazing high-speed transfer of up to 550 Mb/s.

With this speed, the company ensures that you can easily transfer, save or edit your hi-resolution pictures and videos at a very fast rate.

It is equipped with SanDisk SecureAccess 128-bit AES encryption Software that provides ample protection to your data. Along with that, it has 2TB of high-speed storage for all your files and is absolutely perfect for your inventive quests and hobbies.

This product is compatible with various devices such as PC and MacBooks (i.e. Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan). This easy accessibility is one of its greatest assets as you can easily use this product with any of your devices without any fuss.

It comes equipped with a USB 3.1 Type-C connector and a Type-C to Type-C cable and a Type-C to Type-A adapter to ensure good compatibility with all devices. You are in luck with this product as Amazon is providing upto 61% off on it. So what are you waiting for?? Go grab it…

  • Compact and lightweight product
  • Durable product
  • Good transfer speed
  • May Heat up sometimes


3. Seagate Barracuda Fast 500 GB External SSD (STJM500400)

Seagate is known to produce high-performance and high capacity drives since its inception. Its high-quality product and excellent customer support system have earned the company some very loyal customers and a considerable market share in the Indian tech industry.


This gorgeous-looking product with an understated design and a green LED light is sure to catch your eye. This compact product can be used anywhere to go through your files. It is also quite sturdy and is shock resistant and can easily tolerate little bumps and bruises on it. 

Primary Features

  • Storage Capacity – 500 GB
  • Data Transfer Speed – 540 MB/s
  • Series – barracuda
  • Product Dimensions- 0.91 × 7.9 × 9.34 cm
  • Item weight – 140 gram
  • Hard drive Interface – USB 2.0/3.0

This product promises an ultra-fast file transfer with 540 MB/s of solid state speed. It also comes with an enormous space of 500 GB that you can use to store a huge amount of pictures, audio, and video files.

It promises to be your final answer for external Xbox or PlayStation storage with super-fast loading and installation. It boots and loads games with very fast speed and you can also store various games in it. Thus, this product is absolute bliss for pro gamers.

In terms of compatibility with other devices, this product doesn’t disappoint as you can easily connect it with your PC, MacBook, and Desktop Computer with the use of a reversible USB-C cable.

It does a good job in syncing and protecting your file with various options including back-up software and Sync plus Software.

The company aims to give its customers long-term reassurance with its limited product warranty protection plan that would ensure good and immediate service in case your product gets damaged.

It also provides its customers with 3 years of Rescue Data Recovery services so that if you ever lose any data by mistake, you have an option to recover it immediately.

You can get this amazing product under Rs 6,999 as Amazon is providing crazy discount on this SSD. So, if you think this is the product for you, then please hurry up.

  • Lightweight and Portable product
  • Good transfer speed
  • No separate Type-A cable
  • The cable with the product is not very durable


4. ASUS ROG STRIX Arion Aluminum Alloy M.2 NVMe SSD

It is one of the most famous tech companies in the world. Asus is also known for its determination to build a quality product for the modern world.

ASUS-ROG-STRIX-Arion-Aluminum-Alloy-M.2-NVMe SSD

And its innovative and creative products are well received by its consumers all around the world and its product is also vastly appreciated by its Indian Customers. This sleek and fashionable product is a sight for sore eyes. It is a perfect example of a fashionable tech accessory.

Primary Features

  • Series – ROG Strix Arion ESD-S1C
  • Product Dimensions- 18.03 × 9.65 × 4.06 cm
  • Item weight – 200 grams
  • Hard Disk description – solid state hard drive

Its Aura Sync RGB lightning comes with a nearly endless spectrum of colors which has the ability to synchronize with other Aura-sync enabled products. This beautiful feature will complement your personality and enhance it even more.

It is a very durable product that comes with a Screwdriver free design, instead, it has a more efficient pin lock design with thumbscrew installation.

It also comes equipped with an aluminium alloy ROG case with thermal pads that pulls heat away from M 2 drivers and keep the product in its premium condition and extends the product’s longevity.

This product has USB Type-C3 Gen 2 for transferable speeds up to 10Gbps. It is designed to give an incredible performance and this product supports M 2 PCle NVM Express SSDs with 2230/ 2242/ 2260/ 2280 form factor, M 2 NVMe SSD not included.

The company aims to provide you with everything you will need for seamless connectivity and thus it comes with two cables i.e. USB Type-C cable and USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable.

With the help of these cables, you can easily connect it with various devices such as PC, Gaming Consoles and Smartphones, etc. The product comes with a protective strap and a latch system so that you don’t lose your treasured product anywhere.

It also comes with an exclusive hanging protective holder to provide extra protection. So, if you are ready to make a purchase, then you can get this SSD with a cool discount on Amazon.

  • Good transfer Speed
  • Good compatibility with various devices
  • Supreme built Quality
  • The lightning feature doesn’t suit everyone


5. Crucial 500GB X8 Portable SSD CT500X8SSD9

The crucial brand has been known to produce some of the very brilliant tech accessories. It is also backed by Micron, and it is one of the largest producers of flash storage in the whole world.


Thus with such good support, Crucial is bringing some very incomparable tech products to the market. It is a very durable and strong product that won’t get damaged easily as it has an anodized aluminium core.

Primary Features

  • Storage Capacity – 500 GB
  • Data Transfer Speed – 1050 MB/s
  • Model name – X8
  • Product Dimensions – 11 × 1.15 × 5.3 cm
  • Item weight – 100 gram
  • Hardware Interface – USB 3.1 Type C
  • Compatible Devices – Gaming console

It also has several features such as it can tolerate a 7.5 feet drop and is also Shock, vibration, and extreme temperature resistant. These qualities indicate the extreme robustness of the product. This sleek-looking portable SSD is an absolute mind-blowing product.

It comes with an enormous space of 500 GB capacity that you can use freely to store any amount of photos, and videos of yourself.

The product is sure to give you peace of mind with its very generous 3-year limited warranty which would enable hassle-free customer support in the case of any damage to the device.

It provides you with a commendable transfer speed of 1050 MB/s. This exemplary speed makes it almost 1.8 times faster than many other portable SSDs and almost 7.5 times faster than an HDD.

It provides you an amazing option with the option to expand your storage on various devices such as PS4, XBOX One, Android devices, or iPad Pro.

The product comes with a USB-C to USB-C (10 GB/s) cable and a USB-C to USB-A (5 GB/s) adapter to ensure smooth compatibility with other devices.

It is also available in a 1TB variant, so if you are someone who can spend a little more, we recommend you to go for the 1TB variant. Amazon is providing upto 41% off on this product so if you rush now, you can grab this product at the best price.

  • Good compatibility
  • Awesome transfer speed
  • Durable product
  • Gets heated up sometimes


6. Samsung T7 Touch 500GB External SSD (MU-PC500K)

Samsung’s drive to become the largest tech company in the world has pushed it to continuously innovate and create new products to surprise its customer. This has led this South Korean brand to become one of the most recognizable companies in the world.


This product is extremely strong and durable as it is encased with a metal body. Also, it comes equipped with a shock-resistant internal frame that gives this product the ability to withstand a fall from up to 2 meters.

Primary Features

  • Storage Capacity – 500 GB
  • Data Transfer Speed – 1050 MB/s
  • Product Dimensions – 8.5 × 5.7 × 0.8 cm
  • Item Weight – 58 Grams
  • Hard drive interface – USB 1.1
  • Hardware platform – PC, Mac, and Android

This amazing product gives you a whooping performance of 1050 MB/s that is almost 9.5 times faster than an external HDD. This speed enables the transfer of all your movies, work files, games in just a matter of seconds.

Cool, isn’t it? The company has provided some very good features to protect the user data. These features include AES 256 bit hardware encryption, fingerprint security, and of course the optional password protect feature.

With this product, Samsung is providing its customers with amazing new features such as it is a backward-compatible ad if the host device and connection cable support USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, the user can have access to maximum speed.

Along with that, it’s embedded PCle NVMe technology aids the read/write speed of up to 1,050/1,000 MB/s respectively. In terms of compatibility, this product will again surpass your expectations.

As it is compatible with PC, Mac, and Android (i.e. Windows 7 & higher, Mac OS X 10.10 & higher, and Android 5.1 (Lollipop) & higher). It also includes USB Type C to C and USB Type C to A cables to guarantee seamless compatibility.

It comes with an activity light that helps to keep track of your SSD’s activity with just a glance. To grab this Samsung SSD from Amazon, click the red button given below!

  • Good transfer speed
  • Good Protection Features
  • Lightweight product
  • Heats up a little during large file transfer


7. Seagate Ultra Touch 500 GB External SSD (STJW500400)

Seagate’s relentless novelty and originality in its products have made it a household name in the tech industry. Its consumers are usually satisfied by its products which are also very easy on the pocket. Hence the high-tech affordable products are greatly appreciated by its customers.


This cool and stylish product will make you fall in love with it. And of course, it gives you very storage of 500 GB where you can store all your audio, video files and free up some space in your phone and computer. 

Primary Features

  • Storage Capacity – 500 GB
  • Data Transfer Speed – 400 MB/s
  • Product dimensions – 7.5 × 5.55 × 1 cm
  • Item weight – 65 grams
  • Hard Drive Interface- Solid-state
  • Hardware Platform – Windows, Mac, Android

It is a robust and durable product that is also very lightweight and very travel savvy. This product helps you transfer pictures and videos directly from the drive to your desired device with its boosted speed of up to 400 MB/s.

The product comes equipped with Sync plus Software that guarantees continuous and automatic backup. This feature ensures that you will never lose another treasured photo or a sensitive work file.

It provides universal compatibility with an external drive that includes USB-A to USB-C adapter and also an integrated USB Cable for Windows and Mac laptops.

The company is committed to providing its customer with a premium and special experience. Thus you can enjoy a one-year complimentary subscription to Mylio Create app.

This app will engage with your creative side and you can edit, share and do various other activities with your pictures. The company will also provide you with a four-month complimentary membership with Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

This is an awesome opportunity for people who love to play with different features of a photograph. The company also provides you with a 3-year limited warranty on the product, so that you can get a relaxing and hassle-free experience.

  • Good Mylio and Adobe complimentary subscriptions
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Mediocre Transfer Speed


8. ADATA ASD600Q 240GB Military Grade External SSD Solid State Drive

Adata is a very popular brand that is known to provide extremely durable products. These days’ tech accessories sometimes get damaged easily but with Adata you can be assured to have products that will give you an extremely long service.


It is a very compact and lightweight material that you easily carry around and use anywhere to work on your files or on your pictures. This product is one of the most durable products that I have seen as it comes with military-grade protection.

Primary Features

  • Storage Capacity – 240 GB
  • Data Transfer Speed – 440 MB/s
  • Product Dimensions – 14 × 13 × 3 cm
  • Item weight – 55 Grams
  • Hard drive interface – USB 3.0
  • Mounting hardware – USB 3.1 cable

It is encased with a shock-absorbing silicone case that protects your data and drives inside the product. It also qualifies the MIL-STD-810G 516.6 standard, which means that it can tolerate a fall of 1.22 meters.

It is equipped with 3D NAND Flash which promises very short loading times and very good performance. You can enjoy a good transfer speed on this SSD and it also offers a quadruple read/write speed of 440 MB/sec.

Some of its other sound features include very low noise, Anti-vibration feature, and very low power consumption. These features make it an ideal SSD. The device offers its customers driver-free compatibility that ensures easy sharing of content and materials.

And it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android (Smartphones, Gaming Consoles, PCs, laptops, etc). This device also supports hot plugging. If you are interested in purchasing this product then you should rush to Amazon as it is offering upto 33% off for a limited time.

  • Very lightweight and durable product
  • Economical Product
  • Decent Speed
  • Limited Data Storage Capability


9. Western Digital My Passport 256GB External Solid State Drive

Western Digital gives its customers highly advanced products with premium technology and it strives to make its products as compact as possible to give its customers a trouble-free experience. This has earned the company a very loyal and dedicated base for its products.


This upgraded model is extremely lightweight, compact, and super easy to carry around. Along with that, you can easily manage it with an SSD toolbox. It is an extremely tough product with a durable design and is also shock-resistant and it can tolerate a 1.98-meter drop. 

Primary Features

  • Storage Capacity – 256 GB
  • Data Transfer Speed – 515 MB/s
  • Product Dimensions – 8.89 × 4.57 × 0.99 cm
  • Item weight – 40.82 grams
  • Hard drive Platform – USB 1.1
  • Hardware platform – PC, Mac

This product comes with a high-speed design that promises to boost the device’s performance. It provides an impressive 515 MB/s transfer speed to move your data. It comes equipped with password protection and 256-bit AES hardware encryption with WD Security Software to keep all of your data safe.

It also provides automatic backup for your data to your drive or Dropbox cloud service account. It is a very low power consumption device and it also promises a longer battery life.

The device also promises an extended drive life with a high TBW. This model comes equipped with an advanced LDPC ECC engine and an intelligent SLC caching.

It also has a Notebook SSD disk bay spacer, a NAND Flash – TLC, and an interface SATA 6gbps. It is compatible with Mac or PC and uses USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports. With Type-C, it can attain a transfer speed of 515 MB/s.

Along with that, it is USB 3.1 Gen 2-ready, and USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and USB-A compatible. If you are in love with this product but are worried about the price, then hit the buy at amazon button given below and grab the maximum discount in no time.

  • Lightweight and Compact Product
  • Very Good Protection features
  • Decent Transfer Speed
  • Very Expensive Product


Hence, we have discussed the best products available in the Indian market. Do check them out and find the best companion for your computer to expand your memory space so that you can easily transfer all your files to it and can access them with just a click.

Buying Guide – How to buy the best SSD?

Now if you are looking to buy an SSD, you need to be careful about some of the features that will decide whether the product is suitable for you or not. Today, we will try to enhance your shopping experience by simplifying the technical jargon that might confuse you.


Such simplification will help you understand about SSD in a much better way and then you can make an informed decision about buying it.

Factors to consider while buying a SSD

Now, the new technology of Solid State Hard Drives is the new rage in the market these days.

These SSD’s are used to store a large amount of digital data and their features of High-resolution picture storage and compactness and quick access option are making them very necessary tech accessories for external storage.

1. SDD vs HDD

First of all let’s check out the difference between the conventional drive, HDD, and the new tech drive, SSD. The basic difference is that Hard disk drives have various moving parts but SSD is manufactured without unmovable parts.

Both products offer certain benefits and you should choose accordingly. First, we will see the features of HDD. They can be a useful option if you are looking for an option to back up your CPU. They also provide large storage in comparison to SSDs.

These are very cheap to buy and will be easier in your pocket. But due to their large size and moving parts, they are not very compact and are definitely not travel savvy.

Thus, if you are looking for quick and hassle-free connectivity with your stored data then this is not the product for you. Along with that, their data transfer speed is not very impressive.

Now, we will talk about Solid-state Drives. Their primary feature is that they don’t have any moving parts and uses flash-based memory. This use of new technology makes them very compact and thus very easy to carry. They are also immune to the magnetic field and emit low heat.

Its biggest advantage is that they provide a very high transfer data speed that cannot be attained by a conventional hard drive. Thus, if you are looking for a faster, compact drive that is easy to carry around then SSD should be your choice.

2. Internal SSD vs External SSD

Now, we will talk about the Internal SSD and External SSDs. Internal SSD as the name suggests are inserted inside your devices. They provide various advantages such as faster interface, are much cheaper, and gives you a much better connection while reading/writing your data.

And of course, you don’t have to worry about losing it. So if you work in the same place every day and don’t have to move regularly, then go for internal SSDs.

Whereas External SSDs give you additional storage via an external connection with your devices. They are much easier to carry around and you don’t have to take your laptop everywhere to access your data.

With the feature of external storage, you don’t have to worry about your data during the reinstallation of the operating system on your laptop.

And if you want to connect to devices such as smartphones, cameras, etc. then external SSDs are your best option. Their fast transfer speed and robustness due to non-movable parts give you added benefits.

3. Portability

The next feature that should be considered is the portability and compactness of the SSD. If you are buying an external SSD, then the weight and product dimensions play an important part in determining the portability of the SSD.

A heavy and bulky SSD is of no use as you will face difficulty in carrying it with you while traveling. Thus, try to choose a lightweight and compact product for yourself.


4. Durability

Next in line is the durability of the product. You are bound to drop your external SSD sometimes while you are moving it from one place to another. And if your product is not robust and strong, then you will have to buy another SSD soon enough.

Thus always check the material of the SSD casing. Along with that check for IP55 rating or any other recognized international rating as these ratings will tell you about the shock resistance feature of your SSD.

Most of the SSDs can tolerate a drop from 1.5 meters. Thus, this feature will ensure that your product doesn’t get damaged easily and provides you with long service.

5. Data Transfer Speed

Another issue to consider is the transfer speed of the data in the SSD. In layman’s terms, it basically tells how soon you can transfer your data from your device to SSD and vice versa. It depends on the read/write feature.

The write-speed feature denotes the speed when your data is stored in your devices and is being stored in your SSD.

The Read-speed feature denotes the speed when data stored in the SSD is being copied to your device i.e. PC, laptop, etc. Brands offer various options in data speed from 250 MB/s to 1050 MB/s.

You should at least go for 500MB/s data transfer speed for a decent experience. Also, the product comes with various connectivity options such as USB 3.0, USB 3.1, and USB 3.2.

These connectivity options tend to affect your data transfer speed. Here the option of USB 3.2 is quite useful for fast data transfer. However, it is a little expensive but it is worth it to get an impressive speed.

6. Protection Features

You don’t want your stored data to fall into the wrong hands. Thus, check for the encryption system that the SSD provides to protect your data. Usually, the SSD are equipped with AES 256 bit hardware encryption that is more than capable to protect your data.

Along with that SSDs provide additional security features such as fingerprint password and manual password features. These added features ensure greater protection of your data.

Along with that, you should also watch out for the automatic backup and recovery options that the company provides. Such features will help in immediate data retrieval in case of accidental loss of your data.


7. Storage Capacity

Several companies offer good storage capacity that will help you in storing data for a long time while several other brands offer you a limited storage capacity, and you will quite possibly run out of storage space in a very short amount of time.

Now based on your profession or your intended use for SSD, this requirement of storage capacity differs among the people. If you are a photographer, then a minimum of 500 GB storage capacity is absolutely necessary for you.

And if you are looking to store your pictures and videos in high resolution, then 1 TB will suit you even better.

Similarly, for gamers, you don’t want to buy an SSD with very little memory space because then you would have to regularly delete your previous game to make space for your new games.

And if you intend to use the SSD to store your photos and personal pictures, then make a careful choice after carefully evaluating your needs and demands.

8. Compatibility with other devices

Here you always need to check whether your SSD is compatible with your intended device. For example, if you are buying an SSD for gaming purposes, then check if it is compatible with your gaming console i.e. XBOX, PS5, etc.

Also if you are a photographer, then make sure that the SSD you are buying is compatible with your camera and other devices.

9. Connecting Cables

The SSD’s that provide both Type C to C cables and type C to A cables are better options. Your connectivity and transfer speed heavily depends on them and if you use 3.2 USB with Type C, then you will surely get an increase in the data transfer speed.

10. Dust & Water Resistant

Some other features that you can consider while buying an SSD are dust-resistant & water-resistant. Such features ensure that your SSD works perfectly even after a long time and does not get damaged by dust particles.

The water-resistant feature will protect your SSD from any accident splash, or spill and will keep your data safe and secure.


11. Security Holder

Some brands provide you with an external security feature so that you don’t lose your external SSD.

And that feature is a security holder, this allows you to attach your SSD drive securely to your bag or any other place. And it relieves you from constantly worrying about losing your SSD during your traveling.

Conclusion – Best External SSD in India

Hence, we have discussed all the important and necessary features that you need to keep in mind while buying yourself an external Solid State Drive.


We hope that these simplified features will help you understand which SSD and what brand will fulfill all your requirements, so that you can buy an SSD that not only suits your requirements but will also give you an exceptional and very long satisfying service.

So, read this article carefully and inspect all the products minutely to find the right external SSD for you and make a well-informed choice that will give you a super cool experience.


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