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11 Best Gamepads Under 2000 in India – Buying Guide & Reviews

For people who think gaming just needs a functioning mouse and keyboard, they are yet to see just how much gaming really requires.

It’s not just about scrolling the mouse up and down, pressing the left and right keys, and pressing ESC to quit a game; gaming enthusiasts know they need more than just these to play games. Gaming enthusiasts know they need to invest in gamepads and they know it!

So what is a gamepad?


A gamepad or game controller or video game controller is a device that needs to be connected to a computer or gaming console system. A typical gamepad has controls arranged in a format which makes navigating games easier and more convenient.

For the gaming enthusiasts who want to take their game up a notch, we have brought forth the Best Gamepads under 2000 in India.

Top 11 Best Gamepads under 2000 in India

1. Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad

Redgear Technologies sell products ranging from keyboards to gamepads to headphones and are known for their quality products. It is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and is an overall sleek and stylish gamepad with captivating visuals.


The gamepad has backlit and ABXY illuminated keys which allow gamers to operate in dim lighting as well. In addition, the illuminated keys add to the aesthetic of the game controller.

Primary Features

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Illuminated ABXY, backlit keys
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
  • Operating Range is 10 m
  • Upto 10 hours of gameplay
  • 1 year warranty
  • Turbo mode
  • Integrated dual intensity motor
  • Ergonomically designed

This model boasts of featuring 2.4 GHz wireless technology and having a range of up to 10 metres, without the hassle of cables and wires. Additionally, it has 2 analog sticks or thumbsticks for comfortable movement and letting the gamer navigate with ease.

The 2 sticks add to the comfort of the user as well. There is a built-in rechargeable battery that allows the user to use the wireless cable for long periods without having to use a cable or wire throughout gameplay.

A wired cable for charging is provided in the package. The gamepad is compatible with both input modes: Xinput and Direct Input mode which makes a wider variety of games available to the gamers.

Switching between the modes is quick and easy, as mentioned in the user guide. Due to the 600 mAH battery and wireless technology, gamers can enjoy up to 10 hours of seamless gameplay.

This product comes with a warranty period of 1 year. This model supports turbo mode which helps you configure your weapons and so gain advantage while playing.

Turbo mode helps gamers boost their game performance. The gamepad has an integrated dual intensity motor which allows users to immerse into a realistic gaming experience. The ergonomic design aims to minimize users’ fatigue and aches due to long hours of gameplay.

  • Wireless and Wireless Technology supported for 10 metres
  • Turbo Mode allows users to feel crashes, vibrations in a realistic manner
  • Long Lasting Battery life and 30-minute charge
  • Backlit keys help gamers play in dim lighting
  • Backlit Keys add to the aesthetic of the game controller
  • Ergonomic Design is optimal for comfort and ease during gameplay
  • 10 meters is limited reach for some gamers


2. Cosmic Byte C3070W Nebula Wireless Gamepad

Cosmic Byte specialises in providing high-quality gaming and audio accessories. This gamepad is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and has a rubberized texture on touch. Additionally, it works well with Playstation 3, Android and Windows XP.


The gamepad supports 2.4 GHz of wireless technology that extends to 8 meters of wireless gameplay which allows a considerable operating range for the gamers.

Primary Features

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
  • 2.4 GHz of wireless technology
  • Operating range is 8 m
  • Two 360 degree analog sticks
  • Ultra- precise eight way D cross
  • Upto 12 hours of smooth gameplay
  • “Rapid Fire” with turbo mode
  • Double vibration motors
  • Integrated double input mode
  • 1 year warranty period

The game controller has two 360 degree analog sticks that aid with exceptional functionality and allow for free thumb movement which is crucial for superb gameplay. There is an ultra- precise eight way D cross for quick and easy left-right-up-down navigation.

The eight way D cross is smooth to touch, is comfortable to control for long hours and adds to the accuracy of gamers’ gameplay.

Due to the wireless technology, gamers can play for up to 12 hours without any interruption, and a charging cable can be used to charge the gamepad.

It takes 2 to 3 hours for the gamepad to fully charge and run for 12 hours without hassle. The turbo mode enables the turbo button which helps users fire continuously and thus gameplay becomes more active.

The presence of double vibration motors help in providing users with a realistic and immersive gaming experience (eg. racing, shooting, fighting etc.).

 Double vibration motors are optimal for good vibration feedback. Due to integrated dual-mode, the gamepad permits both X-input and Direct-input hence better compatibility with a wider variety of games. The gamepad comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

  • Rapid fire with “turbo mode”
  • Advanced wireless technology
  • Battery life of 12 hours
  • 8 meters of wireless gameplay could be limiting for gamers
  • Number of buttons (12) could be a bit tough for users


3. CLAW Shoot Wireless Gamepad

Mobile CLAW store is known to provide gaming accessories for individuals keen on elevating their gaming. This gamepad is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP. The game controller works with games that follow Xinput and Direct Input modes.


So the gamepad allows users a greater range of games to choose from. It boasts of a rubberized textured grip for comfort. The rubberized grip keeps moisture away which enables strong grip throughout gameplay.

Primary Features

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP
  • Works for both input modes
  • Rubberized textured grip
  • 2.4 GHz of wireless technology
  • Plug and play system
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2 analog sticks
  • 8-way directional D-pad
  • Battery life of 10 hours
  • Dual vibration motors
  • 1 year warranty period

This is anti-slip technology that helps users with precision and accuracy throughout gameplay. This adds to comfort for users who want to use a game controller for long durations. The gamepad supports 2.4 GHz of wireless technology and the range is a good 10 metres.

This model allows for simple Plug-and-Play where it doesn’t require any drivers and simply plug in the 2.4 mHz dongle to your PC.

The gamepad’s layout and ergonomic design were carefully designed for better navigation and so that users have little difficulty in handling the controls during prolonged periods.

In addition to all this, the design allows for little pressure on their fingers and minimal fatigue in wrist, hand and thumb.

The analog sticks are concave in appearance which leads to comfortable grip. The action buttons are arranged in a way that gameplay can happen for long stretches at a time.

The 8 way directional pad helps with convenient left-right-up-down navigation. There are action buttons, analog triggers and shoulder buttons that are critical to performance.

The gamepad run up to 10 hours and will require 2 hours for 100% charging. There are dual vibration motors that enable a realistic gaming experience as vibrations created during gameplay. There is a warranty period of 1 year.

  • Layout designed for convenient gameplay
  • Strong grip so that users have little difficulty in controlling
  • Compatible with various operating systems and Xinput and Dinput modes
  • Compatible with top games like FIFA, GTA, COD, NFS and more
  • No Cons


4. Amkette Evo Gamepad 4 Pro for Android smartphones

Amkette is an Indian MNC which is known to sell electronics and computer hardware and are known for their quality products and their wide range. It was developed to be compatible with Android smartphones as a lot of users want to use their smartphones for gaming.


Smartphones can be used for gameplay and are more fitting for users who don’t need a large setup. This model is suitable for games that are popular on Android smartphones like Call of Duty, Mobile Legends, PUBG.

Primary Features

  • Compatible with Android smartphones
  • Instant play mode and Native/HID mode
  • Instant play mode
  • Rugged textured grip
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Contains pre-loaded games
  • Have extra back buttons
  • Turbo boost mode

There are two modes supported and primarily to enhance gaming experience so users can switch between the two as needed: Instant play mode and Native/HID mode. Instant play mode works good with Snapdragon, Kirin and Exynos only.

Native/HID mode is good for all Android phones except Mediatek. This mode supports games like Asphalt 9, Minecraft, Fortnite and PUBG. This gamepad has a rugged textured grip which means strong gripping.

The design of this gamepad allows for users to indulge in gaming for prolonged periods without fatigue and pain. The gamepad contains pre-loaded games – PUBG, Mobile Legends, Mini Militia and Free Fire for easy access.

The EGP4 boasts of extra back buttons called L2 and L3 which can help with PUBG hacks and added action throughout gameplay. The “Turbo Boost Mode” lets users go without the hassle of continually pressing a button and the gamepad fires without the user tapping a button repetitively.

  • Works with Android smartphones
  • Gamepad designed to minimize fatigue and aches
  • Preloaded games
  • Back buttons and Turbo mode add efficacy to gameplay
  • Only for Android phones and so some users don’t have an option
  • Not available for Mediatek or Helios
  • There are other devices which are not supported and a full list is on their website


5. Redgear Elite Wireless Gamepad for PC

This wireless gamepad is only compatible with PCs and specifically Windows 7/8/8.1/10. The gamepad layout is smooth to touch and is ideal for hardcore gamers. The ABXY keys are extra smooth and durable for hardcore players.


It supports up to 10 hours of uninterrupted gameplay. The wireless technology encourages an operating range of 10 m so gamers can play games with this gamepad in a radius of 10 m.

Primary Features

  • Compatible with PCs and Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Smooth and durable buttons
  • Up to 10 hours of uninterrupted gameplay
  • Operating range: 10 m
  • Strong vibration feedback
  • Ultra precise VR
  • Turbo mode possible
  • 1 year warranty period

The gamepad has strong vibration feedback so according to the scene, the user can experience vibration feedback and immerse themselves in a realistic gaming experience. The gamepad allows users to switch between Xinput and Direct Input based on their preferences. 

Xinput mode is for Xbox while Direct Input doesn’t have such restrictions.
One of the most remarkable features is the feature of ultra-precise VR.

Games like Fifa 14, Deadpool, Sniper Elite require precision and detail which are supported by the ultra-precise VR feature.

Turbo mode lets players fire continuously without having to press down a button. Turbo mode just adds to the game while reducing fatigue of pressing down or continually pressing on a button. This gamepad comes with a 1 year warranty period.

  • Ultra precise VR means extra visibility
  • Smooth ABXY keys which lets users play for prolonged durations
  • Carefully designed layout to reduce fatigue and pains for users
  • Strong vibration feedback
  • Not compatible with all devices
  • Strong vibration feedback only with chosen games


6. Live Tech GP01 Turbo Double Vibration Motor USB Wired Gamepad

This wired gamepad is made using good quality and durable material, this gamepad is stylish and sturdy. The texture of this gamepad is one that guarantees strong grip. This wired gamepad is lightweight and is designed for comfort and durability.


The overall layout is simple so that gamers have easy access to the buttons and can navigate quickly. The analog sticks are designed to encourage unrestricted thumb movement. The buttons are crafted to be simple and comfortable for the users so that they can play for long durations.

Primary Features

  • Wired gamepad
  • Durable, lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Integrated dual vibration and developed built-in motors
  • 2 analog sticks and 12 buttons
  • 8 way directional buttons
  • Dual vibration and in-built motors
  • Power source: electric corded
  • 1 year warranty period

The 8 way directional buttons allow for efficient input and efficient control system. Integrated dual vibration and built-in motors help with strong vibration feedback.

Strong vibration feedback is optimal for an immersive gaming experience as users can feel sensations or vibrations based on in-game action. The gamepad comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

  • Easy maintenance and care
  • Designed to be durable and for long-lasting good performance
  • Layout is simple
  • Lightweight and is easy to handle during long hours of play
  • Wired gamepad so brings with it cables and wires
  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • Not compatible with TV
  • Features may be limited for professional-level gamers


7. Ant Esports GP100 Gamepad

Launched by Ant Esports, which originated in China is known for its premium gaming and esports peripherals, equipment, setup, and accessories. This is a wired gamepad designed for maximum comfort and ease for players who indulge in long hours.


It is compatible with PC, Laptop (Windows 7/8/10), PlayStation 3, Steam and Android supported devices like Android phones, tablet, TV, Box. For Android devices, the user needs to have an OTG adaptor or cable.

Primary Features

  • Need to install drivers for Windows XP
  • Supports multiple modes
  • Vibration feedback feature
  • Turbo function
  • 1 year warranty period
  • 2 analog sticks for ease of control
  • 3D rubber joystick

The gamepad can function with Windows XP but the user needs to install the required driver(s). This product supports multiple input modes like Xinput, Dinput, Android and PS3 which allows for users to play a wide array of games.

The vibration feedback feature allows for exceptional vibration that results in a realistic gaming experience. The ‘Turbo function’ is most suitable in situations where users need to conduct an action in the game repetitively.

For eg. when a user sets it to Turbo function, the gamepad ensures automatic repeating-hitting function. This saves a lot of energy and time for gamers who play for long stretches.

It comes with a warranty period of 1 year. There are 2 analog sticks for free movement and ease of control. The 3D rubber joystick is optimal for better comfort and control during gameplay

  • Compatible with multiple devices as listed above
  • Turbo function increases efficiency of gameplay
  • Enhanced comfort and better grip
  • User-friendly gamepad
  • Need to have cables as wired gamepad
  • Not compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox One, Mac OS, PlayStation 4


8. Logitech Wired Gamepad F310

Logitech is a renowned brand for selling high-quality IT peripherals, software and accessories. The gamepad layout is kept simple and has a familiar console-style layout so that users can navigate easily during gameplay.


This is a wired gamepad which has a 1.8 m cord and primarily connects with PC but can work with Android TV. It’s a simple plug-and-play where a USB connection cord can be used to link it with the PC and finally the user can play.

Primary Features

  • Familiar console-style layout
  • Works with Android TV and PC
  • Requires Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista
  • Exclusive 4 switch D-pad
  • Broad game support
  • Two input modes: Xinput and Direct Input
  • 3 year warranty period

It requires Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista to function smoothly. The 4 switch D-pad has smooth individual buttons which are more effective than D-pads that have one pivot point. The gamepad comes with broad game support so users have access to popular new titles and old favorites. 

It is known to be for serious gamers because of the gamepad’s features and functions. The two input modes, Xinput and Direct Input, allow for users to switch between using the usual controller or use a gamepad while playing PC games.

Using the free Logitech Profiler software,  gamers can customize to play with titles not originally supported by the gamepad. The controls are programmable and can be customized as needed for good gameplay. The product has a warranty period of 3 years.

  • Not just for gaming
  • Can be used for navigating around Steam and Android TV
  • Exceptional support for classic games and popular titles
  • Console layout is simple and convenient for gamers
  • Wired gamepad so 1.8 m cord must be connected
  • Doesn’t have analog sticks or joysticks


9. RPM Euro Games Wireless Gamepad

RPM Euro Games strives to provide gaming accessories and equipment to enthused gamers. This wireless gamepad is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP and PlayStation 3. In addition, it has a plug and play system where users can plug in their USB dongle in PC/laptop.


You don’t need to install drivers, you can simply use a USB dongle to connect easily and start playing. It contains 2.4 GHz of wireless technology which allows the operating range as 10 m.

Primary Features

  • Plug and play system
  • Wireless technology of 2.4 GHz
  • 2 motors for high intensity dual shock vibration
  • 10 hour battery life
  • 10 digital keys, 2 analog sticks, 2 analog triggers
  • Two input modes
  • 1 year warranty period

The controller has two motors that enhance vibration feedback and let users have an immersive gaming experience. The gamepad can run interrupted for 10 hours.

For most latest games, plug and play should work while for some games, the gamer might have to install the driver given with the games. The gamepad design is simplistic and made for comfort.

The keys are smooth to touch for ease of controlling and the sticks are fit for free thumb movement. The gamepad supports both Xinput and Direct Input modes. It comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

  • Good vibration feedback due to 2 motors
  • Outstanding wireless gaming technology
  • Compact design and lightweight to handle
  • Made for comfort and simplicity
  • Needs drivers for some games


10. Quantum QHM7468 USB Gamepad

Launched under the brand Quantum by the manufacturer Aspire Overseas Pvt. Ltd., this is a wired gamepad with attractive features. This entire package includes two Quantum QHM7468 USB vibration gamepads.


This game controller is compatible with Windows 98/2800/ ME/ NT/ XP/ Vista/ Win 7/ Win 8. It comes with a warranty period of 1 year. This gamepad requires the installation of a product driver, and the instructions are listed on the website and are listed here as well.

Primary Features

  • Comes in a set of 2 gamepads
  • 1 year warranty period
  • Simple installation of product driver possible
  • Inbuilt motors and dual vibration system
  • Concave D-pad
  • 360 degree rotatable joysticks

For installation of product driver -: Step 1: Go to quantumhitech.com

Step 2: Click on ‘Support’ option

Step 3: Click on product driver link and install

The gamepad has in-built motors that help with vibration feedback. With a dual vibration system in place, the gamepad ensures that the user is able to get an overall realistic gaming experience.

The shoulder buttons are optimal for fast response attacks. The D-pad arrangement and design promotes good control of direction.

The concave shape of the D-pad ensures that proper grip as the thumbs can fit snugly and are anti-slip. The concave D-pad allows the user to play without worrying about thumb grip.

The 360-degree rotatable joysticks are perfect for complete movement of the sticks. This design allows users to determine if they want to move slowly or move aggressively. 360-degree rotatable joysticks permit unrestricted movement and full range of movement for good gameplay.

  • Concave D-pad encourages snug thumb fit and grip
  • 360 omnidirectional joysticks for full range of movement
  • Simplistic button layout
  • Dual vibration system for good vibration feedback
  • Wired setup


11. GSH Wireless Controller Gamepad

This controller was released by the GSH company and are known to produce gamepads for users with different expectations. This wireless gamepad belongs to the brand of GSH and is compatible with Android devices like Android phones, TVs and tablets.


The gamepad can be attached to Android-supported devices and users can use this controller for enhanced playing. The wireless technology has a reach of 10 m so users can use this wireless gamepad up to a radius of 10 m without hassle.

Primary Features

  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Operating range of 10 m
  • Has a secure smartphone holder
  • Lightweight design for comfort and ease
  • Can download supportive games
  • No particular need to install drivers for gameplay
  • Bluetooth wireless transmission is possible

The gamepad comes with a secure smartphone holder with an adjustable clamp for different-sized phones. The holder is retractable and can be used as needed. It is a lightweight gamepad with two analog sticks.

The design is to promote comfort and ease of gameplay. The gamepad allows the user to download Android supported games.

There is no particular need to install product drivers for gameplay. Bluetooth wireless transmission can go up to 10 metres and the gamepad has strong anti-interference ability so strong wireless technology up to 10 m.

  • Supports Android Devices
  • Smart Power-Saving Mode
  • Strong Wireless Transmission
  • Retractable and adjustable smartphone holder
  • Don’t have to install drivers for gameplay
  • Colors may be different according to different display screens


Buyer’s Guide – Best Gamepads under 2000

Buying a gamepad or game controller needs thought and each gamer has their own specification needs. Each gamer will want differently from their game controller and each gamer will want to focus on different features, depending on their preferences and needs.

Best-Gamepad-Under-2000-in-IndiaBefore the final purchase, gamers should determine what aspects constitute an ideal gamepad for them and later research to find which model meets their expectations.

Factors to consider while buying Gamepad under 2000

1. Compatibility

Various controllers will be compatible with various devices and some of them will be compatible with Android smartphones while some will only work with PCs. Gamers will have to focus on which devices they want to use while gaming and accordingly choose which controllers are ideal for the devices.

Gamers must ideally choose game controllers that are compatible with devices that are most commonly used by them for gaming. Also, gamers should try to get the latest versions of the gamepads to reduce risk of obsolescence.

2. Material used for Gamepad

A gamer has the choice of choosing a gamepad which is made with material that is comfortable for the gamer. Be it rubber or plastic, gamers must be careful about choosing gamepads that use material that will enhance gameplay for them.

Material can determine the strength of grip, comfort of handling and pressure on the body while using the game controller.

Thus, gamers must choose gamepads made with material that suits their needs when it comes to long term playing.

Material also determines the quality of the controller and most advanced gamers prefer high quality material game controllers that will last them long even after extensive use.

3. Build, Layout and Design

When we are talking about build, we should also consider if it is wireless or wired. Gamers should be able to determine if they are comfortable with wired or wireless gamepads for prolonged use.

Gamepad layout is a crucial element as gamers must decide which layout is more convenient for them when it comes to efficient gameplay. Some gamers may prefer one analog stick while some may want two analog sticks.

Gamers should pick gamepads which are ideal for their comfort. Gamers will want to choose gamepads where the design promotes comfort, ease and convenience.

Ideally, they should choose gamepads which minimize strain on their fingers, hands and thumbs. Most gamers will prefer gamepads that are ergonomically designed which will allow them to play for long hours without discomfort and fatigue. 

4. Operating Range, Battery Life

When talking about wireless gamepads, the operating range of the wireless technology becomes an important part. Gamers will want to decide which range, be it 8 or 10 m, is optimal for their gaming.

Battery life is an aspect that most gamers find significant and each gamer should be able to decide what they consider as good battery life while comparing options. Gamers should know how long their ideal gamepads can run uninterrupted and buy accordingly.


5. Durability, Size and Weight

Gamers will want to consider the durability of the material used to build the gamepad and how easy will its maintenance be. Gamers want to choose game controllers which are made of strong and durable material which will last them for years, ideally.

Professional level gamers will choose material that can stand extensive gameplay while amateur gamers will tend to choose material that is strong but not necessarily as strong.

Gamers will want to consider the weight of their desired controllers and depend on what weight they’re able to handle or prefer.

A gamer should choose a controller whose weight and size is suitable for long term use. Most gamers, if not all, will choose controllers that are lightweight so as to reduce the pressure on their fingers, hands and thumbs.

6. Miscellaneous

Game controllers have more than just these features like analog sticks and vibration feedback. Gamers should be able to determine which features are the major highlights when they want to buy a gamepad.

For eg. a gamer may place backlit keys at the top of the criteria list when buying a gamepad while another gamer may not really care about backlit keys. Gamers should pay attention to the additional features that influence their perception of a good gamepad and choose accordingly.

For some gamers, aesthetic matters and so they would want to choose a gamepad that is stylish and sleek or have backlit keys or have illuminated buttons. This would differ gamer to gamer, based on individual preferences.

7. Compatibility with Games

All controllers will have some limitations in terms of their compatibility with games they want to play. In addition, some controllers have visuals and graphics quality that is more suited to particular games while others may have audio and vibration feedback that are suited to certain games.

Based on their specifications, different gamepads will be matched with different sets of games. So gamers should choose controllers which are better matched with their preferred set of games.

For eg. some games may be well suited for Android smartphones and so the gamer will need to choose a controller that is compatible with Android smartphones.

Apart from specifications, some controllers can enhance gameplay for certain games while some can get in the way.

For eg. shooter games may be best suited to a simple mouse and keyboard setup while some racing games may be apt for controllers. Gamers should know which setup is convenient for efficient gameplay.

8. Input types: Xinput or Dinput

Xinput or Direct Input are the two input modes that have to be taken into consideration when purchasing a controller. Direct Input is the oldest and traditional input method which tends to be present in all controllers.

X-input is the newer input mode introduced for game controllers. Xinput was developed by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 gamepad and is not compatible with most PC games being released.

What gamers must know is that a controller that is only compatible with Direct Input will not work with games that need Xinput mode.

For eg. If gamers want to play newer games, they will need to buy a controller that works with Xinput. Most if not all gamepads now support both input modes. Gamers should ensure that if they play games that need Xinput, they must purchase gamepads that work with Xinput.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. What is an analog stick?

Ans. Analog Stick or a thumbstick or a joystick or a control stick is available on gamepads to ensure thumb movement which is necessary for gameplay. Depending on personal preference, you can pick a gamepad with one or two analog sticks.

Q2. What is vibration feedback and what does it do?

Ans. Gamepads tend to have in-built vibration motors or some kind of dual vibration system installed in them to generate good vibration feedback.
Vibration feedback consists of the sensations that gamers can feel while playing games with impact like action games, shooting games, racing games.
A good vibration feedback system will ensure that gamers can have a realistic gaming experience. For eg., a good vibration feedback system will ensure that if a car crashes in the game, the user can feel a vibration or sensation in accordance. This is a part of an immersive gaming experience.

Q3. What is a D-pad?

Ans. D-pad is short for a directional pad or control pad or digital pad for controlling gameplay. It is primarily operated by thumb and is flat to touch. A good-pad should allow for easy left-right-up-down navigation.

Conclusion – Best Gamepads under 2000

Gamers, Amateur and Professional-Level at some point do feel the need to purchase gamepads and most users don’t want to keep switching between controllers.


Most users want Durable Gamepads that they can use for years even after prolonged and extensive use. Above is a list of gamepads that have exceptional features and have garnered overall positive reviews in the gamer community.

As a potential buyer, this article should give you insight and information necessary to purchase a good gamepad. We hope this article is helpful and has been able to help you during your journey to buy a gamepad.


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