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9 Best Gaming Chairs in India (2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Are you passionate about gaming?

If yes, you are at the right place!

For gaming, you not only need a gaming console but need a full setup. The most important thing in a gaming setup includes a Gaming Chair. Yes, you read that right! There are chairs that are specially made for gaming enthusiasts.


You might be wondering about the importance of a gaming chair. Dont worry! We have gathered all the important information for you.

Here, you will not only find the Top 9 Best Gaming Chairs available in India but also find a Buying Guide that would help you to understand the factors that you should consider before buying a Gaming Chair.

Without any further ado, swipe up to read about the trending gaming chairs in India.

These are the Top 9 Best Gaming Chairs in India

ProductsAdjustment of BackrestLoad CapacityMaterialWarrantyBuy Now
Casa Copenhagen Gaming Chair135 degree120 KgPU LeatherNAamazon-button
Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair (GS- 734US)180 degree135 KgPU Leather3 yearsamazon-button
Savya Home APEX ChairsTM Apollo Gaming Chair (Apollo)360 degree100 KgErgonomic Co Polymer1 yearamazon-button
CELLBELL C102 High Black Gaming Chair110 degree110 KgSynthetic Leather1 yearamazon-button
MRC Executive Chairs Predator Gaming Chair360 degree140 KgPU Leather1 yearamazon-button
Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair110 degree140 KgFabric and PU LeatherNAamazon-button
JD9 High Black Executive Swivel Gaming Chair360 degree120 KgPU Leather6 monthsamazon-button
beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Revolving Gaming Chair90-105 degree100 KgPU Leather1 yearamazon-button
CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair Comfort Design180 degree100 KgPU LeatherNAamazon-button

Best Gaming Chairs in India (2021)

In this section, you will find detailed information about each gaming chair. The information would include Specification, primary features, pros & cons of all the 9 chairs discussed below.

1. Casa Copenhagen Gaming Chair

Casa Copenhagen is a very famous brand in the market of gaming chairs. It is known to provide an exquisite quality product to its customers.


Its superior quality and unique features have helped the company earn a very loyal customer base. The design of this chair is simply gorgeous and will surely add some extra classiness to your gaming station.

Products Features

  • Package Dimensions – 20 × 10 × 5cm
  • Item weight- 500 grams
  • Load capacity – 120 kg
  • Country Of origin – India

This chair is made of high-quality material i.e. premium PU leather and with superb workmanship, which makes it a very sturdy and durable product and promises you a very long service time. Along with that its 5 point base is made of strong and smooth-rolling casters.

Its racing car style seat with contoured and segmented comfort padding, along with an embraced wingback and an adjustable padded armrest. They gives you all the relaxation and coziness that you can imagine.

It comes with an effervescent motor design that is suitable for all body types. This chair is specially made for pro gamers as it provides a larger seat area so that you can comfortably spend long hours while playing your game in this chair.

It can be adjusted into a lying mode so that you can easily relax while working. To make this chair more comfortable for you.

It comes with a tilt locking and a height-adjustable mechanism and also gives you a 360° rotation. And of course, it’s easy to move caster wheels gives you an added benefit. Its best feature is its vibration massager that is just perfect for people who intend to use this chair for long hours.

  • Amazing back support
  • The vibration massager is great
  • Strong and durable product
  • Adjustable armrest
  • A little expensive


2. Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair (GS- 734US)

The Green soul company is one of the most famous brands when it comes to the chair market. Its innovative and breathable designs are a big hit among the customers. This cool-looking chair is a sight for sore eyes and you can choose the color that you like the most.

Green-Soul-Monster-Ultimate-(S)-Multi-Functional-Ergonomic-Gaming-Chair-(GS- 734US)

It comes in five different vibrant colors. This multi-functional chair is a very durable product as its internal frame is made of metal and its frame’s size is large and its upholstery material is PU leather and spandex material. To provide you with maximum comfort, it comes with two pillows.

Product Features

  • Product Dimension- 50 × 71 × 133 cm
  • Item weight – 23kgs
  • Load capacity – 135 kg
  • Country Of origin – China

The first is a Neck/ head pillow that is made of velour material and the second is a Lumbar pillow that is made from velour material and memory foam. Along with that, the seat is made of molded foam that promises to give you a relaxing experience.

Along with that it more permeable as the soft fabric allows airflow that gives you a very calm and comfortable seating position and prevents the heat from building up in the fabric.

Thus the product ensures that you get utmost comfort while using this chair and it also takes care of your neck & head, back, thighs & knees, and shoulder & arms support.

It comes with a newly engineered deer mechanism and also provides you with a rocking range of 15°. To give you an added benefit, it comes with a padded and adjustable 4D carbon textured armrest.

It comes with an ‘any position lock’ and a class 4 gas lift. Along with that, it is equipped with 60 mm Dual castor wheels.

Everyone wants to recline their chair while working, reading, or resting and this chair gives you the option to recline your chair from 90° to 180°. Cool, isn’t it? The chair is appropriate for people of height range from 5 ft. 2’’ to 5 ft. 10’’.

  • Very good support for different body parts
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Sturdy product
  • Suitable for a specified height range only


3. Savya Home APEX ChairsTM Apollo Gaming Chair (Apollo)

Savya is working very hard to bring affordable working chairs to the Indian market. This company is committed to providing its customers with a quality experience at a very reasonable price and its customers appreciate this fact.


This mesh back chair is just perfect for people who work for long hours at their desk jobs as this chair provides an extended, comfortable and healthy sitting. It is more breathable and prevents the build-up of heat and gives you a comfortable experience.

Primary Features

  • Product Dimension – 20 × 20 × 23 cm
  • Item weight – 15 kilograms
  • Material – Plastic
  • Load capacity – 100 kg

It comes with a very classy and elegant armrest that adapts to various body positions. Thus, your hands are properly supported which will provide your shoulders a much-needed relief. It also provides you with lumbar support and is equipped with a soft cushion that supports your neck. 

Its best feature is its adjustable and padded head support that gives your head much-needed relaxation while working long hours.

It comes with a Synchro-Tilt mechanism and a tilt lock lever that fully supports your body movements. Along with that, you can easily adjust the height of this chair with a pneumatic gas lift.

Its 50 mm smooth caster wheels give you a versatile range of motions that comes in handy while working in an office as you can smoothly roll over to chat up with your colleagues.

Along with that its chrome-plated steel base makes it a very cool and strong product. It’s a very durable and sturdy product that has undergone various tests.

And its material’s quality, finish, and durability have been found in agreement with the International Quality of Standards. This product will usually cost you a whopping ₹18000 but Amazon is currently offering you 70% off on this chair. To avail this discount, click the button given below!

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Provides very good support to the Body
  • Very reasonable price
  • Limited load capacity


4. CELLBELL C102 High Black Gaming Chair

Cellbell is a brand that is assiduously working to provide its customer with quality chairs. The company has made a considerable name in the Indian market with its super cool and comfortable office and gaming chairs. This is a beautiful chair with a gorgeous black and red color.


This chair will immediately enhance the style quotient of your house or of your office. The chair has a 4-inch padded seat and is made of premium leather and comes with an extra soft cushion to provide you with some neck and head support.

Primary Features

  • Material- Chromium Steel
  • Product Dimension- 50 × 40 × 39 cm
  • Maximum load capacity – 110 kg
  • Item weight – 17.5 kg.

It is also equipped with an adjustable headset that relaxes your shoulders and torso during long hours of work. You can easily adjust this chair according to your requirements with its super easy tilt mechanism and a class 4 gas lift.

It also comes equipped with a rocking pressure adjuster that allows you to adjust the flexibility of your rocking back in your chair from 90° to 110°. Such cool features allow you to sit comfortably in your chair for very long hours.

This awesome feature provides great relief to your spinal disk and muscles. It is a very sturdy product with an internal frame made of wood and it comes with 50mm super smooth and strong nylon casters.

That allows you a smooth rolling and a 360° swivel so that you can communicate easily with your colleagues. Along with that, its carpet wheels are perfect for hard surfaces and gives you better grip and reduced noise hard surfaces lie ceramic, carpeted floor, wood, etc.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Very reasonable price
  • Provides good back support
  • Armrests are not adjustable


5. MRC Executive Chairs Predator Gaming Chair

MRC’s continuous advances and ingenuity to design cool gaming chairs have taken everyone by surprise. Its novel designs with reasonable prices have made it a popular name in the gaming chairs industry. This gorgeous chair is a piece of must-add furniture for your gaming station.


It also sets a new benchmark of comfort while games and promises to enhance your style quotient. The chair is a very durable product with a metal internal frame and its upholstery cover of Pu Leather gives it a classic look.

Primary Features

  • Item model number – MRC GAMING CHAIR RED BLACK
  • Product Dimensions – 60.96 × 66.04 × 127 cm
  • Item weight – 16 kg

This chair promises you to complete relaxation and comfort with its awesome features like a headrest with adjustable padding and it also provides lumbar support. It will give you a premium feel whether you use them for your long gaming sessions or even longer workdays. 

The company takes the perfection a level above with thickly padded 2D wider adjustable armrests.

Along with that its seat height adjustment, tilt-lock/ tilt-tension control, and an awesome 3600 swivel feature make sure that you can adjust this chair according to your requirements and will give you a perfect sitting posture.

You can adjust the flexibility of the chair at different degrees (from 90° to 175°), this will help relax your body during long work hours. The chair is also equipped with a cushion to provide you with head and neck support.

And its lumber pillow can be adjusted to provide targeted support to your back. And its thickened backrest and a long seat cushion provide much-needed support to your thighs which comes in handy when you are using the chair for longer periods.

Its coolest feature is its height adjustable arms that can be adjusted according to different desks that you use your chair with and you can also change their height with different sitting positions.

Thus, this chair aims to provide you with ultimate comfort and intends to give you a luxurious experience. Amazon is providing upto 30% discount on this amazing gaming chair. To grab this discount, click the red button given below!

  • Easy Assembling
  • Impressive armrest features
  • Good Customer support
  • Overall height is not very impressive


6. Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair

Since its inception in 2009, Savya is trying its level best to give its customers superior and modern workplace and gaming accessories. And its hard work is being appreciated a lot by its consumers.


This chair is perfect for people who are desperately searching for a chair that will give them enough support and comfort so that they can enjoy playing games for a long amount of time.

Primary Features

  • Product Dimensions – 20.86’’ (L) × 21.26’’ (W) × 48.82’’-51.97’’ (H)
  • Sitting Area Dimensions – 16’’ (L) × 19.68’’ (W)
  • Load Capacity – 140kg

It is a durable product with a heavy-duty base and thickened base and a strong pneumatic rod and a class 4 gas lift.  It also comes with a 170-degree tilt lever and a sturdy swivel mechanism with tension control. This chair is made with high-density foam and from smooth PU leather.

It also has a user-friendly backrest that aims to provide you full back support. It also provides smooth mobility with its caster wheels and has an amazing option of lockable seats that ensures you a very flattering experience.

The chair provides you with neck and lumbar support and its soft and unique 3D armrest features are a big hit as not only is this height-adjustable but you can also slide their top in front and back manner.

Do you ever wonder about a chair that can provide you multiple function mode? If yes, then your wait is over as this chair can be adjusted in three modes according to your requirements.

You can set it at 900 for a work mode, then you can set it at 120° for reading mode, and then you can go all the way up to 1500 when you are in the mood to rest.

If you need one more reason to buy this awesome product then Amazon is providing a whopping 49% off on this product. That means you can get your hands on this chair for a mere 14,990 rupees. So hurry up!!

  • Impressive armrest features
  • Easy assembling
  • Very good-looking chair
  • Cushioning of the chair is not very impressive


7. JD9 High Black Executive Swivel Gaming Chair

JD9 has made quite an impression in the Indian market with its stunning products. The company’s drive to produce quality chairs for its customers has helped it gain significant market share.


This tech-savvy and stunning chair is perfect for people who have to spend long hours while working or playing games. It is designed to provide you a relaxing experience and thereby enhancing your productivity.

Primary Features

  • Product Dimension – 50.8 × 50.8 × 81.3 cm
  • Item Weight – 19 kg
  • Load Capacity – 105 kg
  • Material – Faux Leather
  • Frame material – Metal

This cool-looking chair is designed to increase your comfort level to the maximum with PU leather and padded high-density organic polymer foam. Along with that its built-in headrest provides you the much-needed optimal support. It’s a very durable product that has a metal frame. 

Its awesome gas-lift hydraulic shaft and bolt mechanism and adjustable height features ensure that you can easily adjust this chair according to your needs and demands.

Additionally, its five-star base with 360° swivel provides you with great stability on rough surfaces. The company has provided you with perfect lumbar support in this chair with extra padding.

It’s soft padded backrest and cushion promise to provide you with double comfort. Thus, the chair takes care of both your neck and spine.

Also, its padded curved armrest elevates your comfort level to a whole new level. The chair also provides you the option of reclining back and you can rock back your chair from work mode of 90° to relax mode of 105°.

Along with such remarkable features, Amazon is providing a roaring 65% off on this product. Thus you can buy this chair for merely 6999 rupees. So if you are thinking about buying this chair, now is the time.

  • Classy and comfortable design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Impressive lumbar support
  • No Headrest Feature


8. beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Revolving Gaming Chair

beAAtho is a very enthusiastic brand that deeply cares about people’s wellbeing. Thus its products are specifically designed to complement the human body So that its customers can relax completely while working for long hours. This is one of the best products in the Indian market.


Its durable wooden frame and premium upholstery material of synthetic leatherette and a heavy quality stretchable rexine give it a very elegant look and it will surely suit your work or gaming station.

Primary Features

  • Product Dimensions – 85 × 53 × 53 cm
  • Item weight – 15 kg
  • Material – Teak
  • Colour – Black

This product has various cool and sturdy features such as its high-quality chrome stand with heavy-duty castor wheels, height-adjustable mechanism, and a superb tilting mechanism, that you can use to tilt the chair from 90° to all the way up to 105°.

It promises to provide you with ample support to relax your back and shoulders and will take special care of your back.

The company is providing you this world-class product at a very affordable rate by completely cutting out the middlemen who are responsible for increasing the cost of the product.

With this chair, you are assured to get a premium product with superior quality as each product undergoes 3 stages of quality check at manufacturing, testing, and then at dispatching.

The company checks its finish, sturdiness, and durability so that you can get the best available product.

So, if you are interested in this chair then there’s some more good news for you as Amazon is offering a lightning deal on this product. With a staggering 34% discount, you can now buy this product at just 8,383 rupees.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Elegant and classy design
  • Well-cushioned chair
  • No separate headrest


9. CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair Comfort Design

Corsair is known worldwide to produce premium quality products. Its chair is known to be very durable and is always equipped with the newest technologies. This has earned Corsair a very good reputation in the market.


This chair is inspired by performance motorsports and provides you with optimum support features that are required by the pro gamers for intense and long gaming sessions. It’s an extremely robust product that assures you of long service. 

Primary Features

  • Product dimensions- 88.5 × 88.5 × 37.5 cm
  • Item weight – 22.5 kg
  • Material – Polyurethane
  • Colour- Grey/charcoal

Its embedded steel frame gives it a good load capacity. Along with that, it’s 65mm dual-wheel casters ensure that you have a very smooth experience at almost every surface.

Its 4D armrest is one of the coolest features that I have ever seen as they are adjustable in just about every direction. It’s a very durable product that is made of a soft fabric exterior. This fabric is very breathable and thus keeps minimum heat in it.

This keeps your chair cool and comfortable so that you can have a relaxing and stress-free experience while playing your game. Another feature that makes it so popular among customers is its adjustability feature.

It comes with 180° reclining lay-flat seat back feature that is lockable at 100 of seat tilt. With this option, you can find the most comfortable support and easily spend long hours in this chair.

Even in terms of providing support to your body, this chair doesn’t disappoint. It comes fitted with neck and lumbar cushions that are made of foamy cushions and are covered in lush micro-fiber.

Such compliant features promise you incomparable support to your neck and back. If you are looking for some discount then you need to hurry up and immediately place an order on amazon and get this chair for Rs 28,999 at a 19% discount.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Impressive reclining feature
  • Armrests are very comfortable
  • Limited availability


Hence we are done with the best gaming chairs that are available in the Indian market. And I have tried my best to simplify and elaborate their features, so you can easily find your dream gaming chair.

Buying Guide – Best Gaming Chairs in India

Looking to assemble your very own gaming station?? Then, you have come to the right place. Today we will talk about the features that you should look into while buying your gaming chair.

It is a very important part of your gaming station and special care should be paid while searching for your gaming chair as a wrong and uncomfortable chair can ruin your whole set up and you won’t be able to completely focus on your game. 


Gaming is a long hour activity and if you have an uncomfortable chair, then the whole fun of the gaming will be ruined. Thus, you need to buy a gaming chair that will minimise your stress and enhance the comfy and cozy feeling that will give you a pleasant gaming experience.

Things to Consider while buying a Gaming Chair

You should look for the following features while buying your gaming chair-

1. Types of Gaming Chairs

First of all, we will see the different types of gaming chairs. So let’s check out these different types of gaming chairs and decide which type suits you the most.

PC Gaming Chair

They are very popular among pro-gamers and you will surely get a variety of options in the market if you intend to buy one of them.

The main feature of these chairs is their excellent support system that it provides through headrest, neck support, and lumbar support cushions.

These features relax your entire body and put a minimum strain on you so that you just lose yourself in your game. These chairs usually come under the reasonable price range and thus are quite affordable.

Hybrid Gaming Chairs

These are the coolest new gaming chairs in the market, they can be used for office and work purposes as well as for gaming purposes. They come with a swivel base but can be used as comfortable recliners while playing games.

The modern version of these chairs comes equipped with various modern features such as inbuilt sound speakers, multiple monitors, and numerous other game control aspects, etc. But be aware that these features come at a very heavy cost.

Platform Gaming Chair

These are extremely stunning chairs that usually have the appearance of recliners. They typically come with the in-built speaker system and the one that doesn’t have this option usually comes with an alternative of headphones jacks.

My favourite part is that most models have the rocking feature in them and they also have side compartments for easy storage of your gaming equipment.

2. Comfortability

Now, the first feature that you should look for in the gaming chair is the level of comfortability the chair provides you because you are going to spend a long time in this chair and thus the chair must provide you with a relaxing experience.

Any chair that causes you any discomfort or strains your neck or body parts should be rejected immediately as you won’t be able to sit in them for any activity that requires a long sitting time.

Always spend a decent amount on your chair if you are looking for a strong and sturdy product. A cheap product will not provide you with long and satisfying service.

Along with that always check that you are getting a quality worth your money. Check your product thoroughly and return it if it doesn’t match up to your expectations. Usually, products from specific brands will provide you with a very satisfying product.

3. Tilt Lock Mechanism

It is one of the most important features to look out for in your chair. As with the help of this feature you can adjust your chair from 90° to a cool 180°, whatever your body demands at any moment.

We all know that when we play games for long hours, comfort and flexibility are necessary to focus our attention on the game. With this feature, when you are a little tired you can just adjust your chair to a more relaxing angle and then just continue on with your game.

4. Height Adjustment

You can usually adjust these chairs to suit your personal requirements but if you are a little taller. You need to check the product’s height adjustment range, as it may happen that the product might not be suitable for a person of your height, and in that case using that chair will be a very painful and uncomfortable experience.

5. Lumbar Support

The next feature that comes to my mind is to check out the head and neck support and also the lumbar support of the chair. If you are going to sit in one position for long hours, then your body will need some very good support, so that you don’t get any strain on your body parts.

A good and cushioned neck support will help your neck and similarly, a cushioned lumbar support will support your back and will relax your spinal system.

If you were to choose any chair without these supporting cushions or with very poor supporting cushions, then you will feel the strain in your different body parts while playing your game.

6. Upholstery Material

Always look for foamy and light materials that will are breathable as such materials allow the airflow through them and thereby prevents the heat build-up. This feature will help you sit comfortably in your chair for long hours.

Whereas some brands use very cheap material for their chairs, such materials tend to block the airflow through them because of their impenetrable nature.

Such chairs will feel warm and uncomfortable to sit in after some time due to heat build-up in the material. So, always be careful about the materials of padding and cushioning of your chair.


7. Armrest

When you are buying yourself a gaming chair, always look out for the adjustable armrest feature. This feature ensures that you can adjust the height of the armrest according to your personal preferences and comfort.

It also helps you to maintain a good body posture while playing your games and ensures that your arms and shoulders have good support.

If you go with a non-adjustable armrest feature, then there is a strong possibility that the armrests are not going to be compatible with your desk’s height and this will create discomfort for you while playing games for long hours and will also cause pain and strain in your arms and shoulders. Here the armrest comes in different forms such as 2D, 3D, or 4D.

Here D implies directional and the 4D option in the armrest is the best one because a 4D armrest can move in different directions i.e. Up and down, forward and backward, left or right, or tilt left or right. Thus, good quality armrests are a must while buying a gaming chair.

8. Headrest

This feature is very useful as the headrest provides much-needed support to your head during long gaming hours and prevents any excessive strain on your neck too.

9. Durability of Chair

Durability mainly comes from the internal frame of the chair. Always check what material is being used for the internal frame of your chair. Usually metal or a wooden frame provides good support and such chairs will last longer.

Whereas if the chair’s internal frame is made of some cheap and non-durable materials, then there is a chance that it will stop working very shortly after your purchase and you will end up spending a lot of money again in search of a new chair.

10. Easy to Move

You should be able to move your chair whenever you want and wherever you want. Specifications that you should be looking for are the base support of the chair and its wheels. These two features will ensure your feasibility.

A good, solid, and metal base support is very desirable for this purpose. Along with castor wheels of a minimum of 50mm should be there to ensure easy movements. Good quality wheels will also ensure a smooth movement of every kind of surface such a marble, tiles, wood, etc.

11. Bulkiness

For this, you should pay attention to the product dimensions and item weight of the chair. Nobody likes to have a heavy and bulky chair that takes up a lot of space.

Thus always make sure that the dimensions of the chair are not too big and will suit your room and thus wouldn’t become a hurdle to you.

12. Gas Lift

This feature is used to facilitate the up and down movement of the chair. Now various options come in this category but the very popular one is hydraulic lifts. These lifts are categorised into different classes from 1 to 4.

Here, the class 3 and class 4 lifts are considered as good options for your chair with class 4 being the best option. So when you are surfing through the internet for your dream chair, don’t forget to check out its lift feature.


13. Load Capacity

The quality that is quite important for you to pay attention to is the load capacity or the carrying capacity of the chair. Not all chairs can tolerate high weight and will get damaged easily. Thus, check which chair has the highest load capacity and can bear some decent amount of weight.

This feature will also help you determine the durability and sturdiness of your product as a chair with an impressive load capacity is usually made of good material that will support you comfortably and also promises to give you a very long service.

14. Seat size & Shape

A good and comfortable seat will avoid any strain on your thighs and legs but if you choose a product with a very uncomfortable seat, then you are bound to feel the strain in your legs and thighs and won’t be able to sit on your chair for longer periods.

15. Warranty

Another essential feature that needs to be check before making a purchase is the product warranty. Check about what areas of the product are covered under the warranty and the period of warranty coverage.

Many times people don’t pay attention to this feature and have to shell out extra money on the product repairs just after few months of buying the product.

16. Other Features

Other features that are worthy to look for a more delightful and comfortable experience are the vibration massagers in the gaming chairs.

Vibration massagers are a very cool option to have in your chair and they ensure that you get exceptional treatment when you sit in the chair and also relaxes you completely when you are playing your games.

Conclusion – Best Gaming Chair in India

So, we have discussed all the features in detail that you need to know while buying yourself a gaming chair.

These features will help you make a rational and very well-informed decision about your product that will not only look stunning and cool with your gaming station but will also suit your personal requirements and will compliment your lifestyle.


A good gaming chair is a great asset to have and will save you from different types of body aches that you have to endure because of using an uncomfortable and wrong type of chair.

Thus, we hope that this information will help you in the search for your perfect gaming chair that will give you the ultimate soporific experience.

Along with that, it will also ensure that you get the comfiest, pleasant and soothing experience from your product while playing your cool games.


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