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9 Best Home Theatre System in India (2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

If you are someone who loves watching movies and want to create a theatre kind of experience in your house, then you are at the right place!

The music system has been revolutionised to the next level in the last few years. From having to carry around a small box of a music system, we know have a whole package of the technologically advanced system called the home theatre system.


Some of the popular home theatre system includes 2.1 surround sound system, 3.1 surround sound system, 5.1 surround sound system & 7.1 surround sound system.

Every type has got its own specific importance or significance. So, you need to have your own preferences sorted out before you go ahead to buy one.

To assist you, we have included a Buying Guide at the end of this article which has all the detailed information regarding a home theatre system which will help you to find your appropriate one.

So without any further delay, let us have a glance through the best home theatre system in India.

These are the Top 9 Best Home Theatre System in India

Best Home Theatre System in India (2021)

1. Sony HT-RT40 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Tall boy Soundbar Home Theatre System

When it comes to sound and music system, Sony is one of the best companies to come to everybody’s mind. Sony has set the bar for all other music companies to level up with it in terms of the built of the music system and most importantly the quality of sound.


This Dolby digital Sony HT-RT40 has the looks that will enhance the aura of your living space! This home theatre is especially for you if you don’t have space for huge speakers and want a speaker unit that is elegant yet very powerful.

Primary Features

  • 5.1 cinematic surround sound
  • One touch NFC and Bluetooth technology speakers
  • Compatible with the music center application
  • Has tall boy speakers
  • Has an HDMI ARC for smoother connection

Get ready to get mesmerised by this super amazing home theatre system. This 5.1 home theatre system will give you the cinematic sound effect that you have been wishing to experience for a long time.

It completely depends on your preference if you want to put it on the wall or want to keep the tall boy speakers on the two sides of your television set. Set it up accordingly to get the surround sound experience you were waiting for!

This home theatre system includes 3 channel soundbar, subwoofer, and two strong, tall, and slim built speakers that will not only increase the beauty but will also be responsible for increasing the volume and intensity of the sound.

A real cinematic sound is just a step away. All you need to do is plug in your USB drive or simply connect your phone to immerse into the heavenly booming sound.

The coolest feature of this home theatre system is that these speakers can automatically turn on and start playing music with just one touch of your smartphone!

All you need to do is, make sure that your smartphone is eligible and enabled with the NFC. To use this smart feature, simply tap the phone on the surface of the speaker where the “N” mark is present and let that music captivate you!

To further increase your convenience, you can even download the Sony Music Center application on your smartphone and play all the songs that move your soul! With this Sony Home Theatre, you also get an HDMI arc which lets you connect your television and speakers.

So, instead of having a lot of confusing cables to connect, only one cable does the job. The optical output on the other hand helps you to connect the DVD players, so that you can watch movies the way you want!

  • Comes with an ARC cable
  • Automatic music start with NFC
  • Can control music with one application
  • Rear speakers are elegant
  • An additional optical output for DVD
  • No option for radio or bass change


2. LG-LK72BE Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers

LG home theatre systems have everything you will need. The LG-LK72BE home theatre system will bombard you with multiple options of features.


LG has created this sound system for everyone who looks for variety and is in a hunt for a home theatre system that will not only have different options and features for their various moods but also will resonate with their personality.

Primary Features

  • Bass Blast+ feature for superior bass
  • Completely wireless audio system
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Has an option for auto shut down
  • You can play radio in it

Whether you want to lay back and listen to the radio or you have planned a thrilling movie night with your friends, this home theatre system will always have your back.

If you love music with an extra pinch of bass, then you are going to love this home theatre system because this sound system has a feature called Bass Blast+ which will enhance the vocals of the music as well as boost up the bass to a whole new level.

Enjoy hassle-free music as this home theatre system does not come with any cables. Connect your sound system with your smartphone via Bluetooth. If you want a different level of bass for different music, the remote control will help you regulate it.

This home theatre system will offer you the option to listen to Fm radio and this way will help you stay connected with the old school way of listening to music.

Want to connect this music system with your laptop, game console, phone, or even tablet? Easily connect it with the help of the AUX cable.

The auto shut down feature is the best feature of this home theatre system. The advantage of this feature is that even if you forget to turn off the system.

It will turn itself off in 15 minutes if nothing is connected with it. Space will not be the excuse anymore as you can fixate it on the wall and still enjoy the melodies. It has hit the bull’s eye of ratings with a perfect 4 stars.

  • Different connectivity options
  • Small in size but strong
  • Option for FM radio available
  • You can control bass level with the remote
  • One year warranty
  • Looks bulky and old school


3. Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210 Deep Bass 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker Home Theatre System

Infinity by JBL is quite a promising brand in the sound system industry. It is one of the most famous companies of home theatre systems and guarantees only the best music quality that you deserve.


This home theatre system is one of the most wanted sound systems in the market and has been accepted and loved by innumerable people. This sound system may look like a small package but it will offer you a heavy and strong bass irrespective of the kind of music that you are listening to.

Primary Features

  • Super bass sound
  • Connect with your smart phone with Bluetooth
  • Has an infra-red remote control
  • Has a wooden cabinet sub-woofer
  • Comes with USB reader and AUX cable

Whether, it is soft romantic music or the shooting sound of your loveable video games or if you just want to blow the roof off with party music, this music system will deliver the superior quality of music every time.

The most unique feature of this home theatre system is its infrared remote. This remote will give you three different options to choose from according to your situation or mood.

The options are for music, movies, and games and you can do a lot of things like change the volume level and the other preset options as per your convenience and have the music quality under your control!

This music set comes with a huge wooden cabinet sub-woofer which is one of the important components that makes the sound and the bass quality touch your heart and soul.

You will find a USB reader which allows you to connect your pen-drive or maybe your hard drive to the speaker.

The AUX cable that comes with the set will give you the opportunity to connect it with your television and get a marvelous and enhanced sound. This amazon’s choice home theatre system has received 4.2 stars!

  • Special wooden cabinet sub-woofer
  • 3 modes for music, movies and games
  • Both USB and AUX supportive
  • Special IR remote
  • Bluetooth option available
  • No warranty


4. Sony HT-S20R 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

Sony always remains in the frontline with their modern-day technologically advanced products.


Their home theatre systems are unique and out of the world because all of them have got the stunning looks that automatically increase the class of your living room and the features they inculcate are absolutely world-class!

Primary Features

  • 5.1 surround sound system
  • Dolby digital audio quality
  • Remote control allows to choose from different settings
  • 400W power output
  • Can be set up in a matter of seconds

You are bound to fall in love in just one single look with this stunning home theatre system that will rock your world. The sleek design of the sound system is the star attraction and however the size of your room is, it will fit in perfectly and will make your room look even better.

It has got all the attributes that you will need to make any kind of day even better! Let us check out all of them. This home theatre system is perfect for watching movies. So if you are a huge movie buff, this one is the right choice for you.

With 5.1 surround sound, the sound will reach down your spines and let out the dynamic sound that feels very realistic.

The audio system is supported by Dolby digital audio so you need not have to second guess about the quality of sound this sound system is going to deliver. What makes the movie experience better is the 400W power output.

Not just movies, if you just want some alone time with great music, connect your phone with the home theatre with the help of Bluetooth and enjoy uninterrupted music and let the music penetrate your soul!

Play music from whichever source you want to because this sound system has a different USB port and an HDMI ARC output.

So, whether you want to connect your television or your hard drive, this music system will give you the flexibility to do so. The remote control comes with various modes for your various moods.

So, whether you want to watch or you want to listen to something, the modes like auto mode, standard mode, cinema mode, and music mode will deliver music accordingly.

The two modes like night and voice mode will give a better viewing experience and will let you use the sub-woofer control for finer sound quality. It has been showered with 4.4 stars on Amazon.

  • Chosen by amazon itself
  • Sleek design
  • Perfect for movie viewing
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Does not have an option for FM radio


5. Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers Home Theatre System

Philips successfully blends innovative attributes and stylish looks to create a promising home theatre system for you. This is the perfect choice if you have a huge space and you want to set up the speakers in different corners of your room.


This music system is for all of you who like minimalistic designs and want a home theatre system that can fit in even in bedrooms. It is so flexible that it is compatible with any kind of sound source you want to connect it with!

Primary Features

  • SD card slot available
  • Has FM radio
  • 8 inches tall woofer
  • Wireless operation
  • Can connect it with PC, laptop, TV and more

The FM tuner that has been inculcated in this home theatre system gives you the allowance to have all the radio entertainment that this generation is lacking.

You can now finally relax and read your newspaper while listening to your favourite radio shows or music, podcasts, interviews, or simply radio news.

It has got separate SD card slots and a USB port so that you never run out of options of which device to connect it with.

The very sophisticated and minimalistic design adds to the beauty of your space where you have placed this home theatre system and will take the music listening experience to the next level.

If you simply want to listen to music, use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone with the speakers and enjoy as much music as you want!

The sub-woofer is about 8 inches long and will give you a heavy bass sound that will engage and cover every corner of your room. This super affordable home theatre system has got 4 stars on Amazon!

  • Can fit in even small spaces
  • Affordable
  • Has SD card slot
  • You can listen to radio
  • Music set comes with a cable
  • No remote control


6. Sony HT-IV300 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DTH Home Theatre System

Sony is at the pinnacle of all other companies that manufacture music-related products. This Sony HT-IV300 has won many hearts and is one of the highest-rated products on Amazon.


The best and rare characteristic about this particular home theatre system is that it consumes 100W power to produce a total output power of 1000W. That means it has enough power to blow up your roof and turn your entire house into your very own theatre!

Primary Features

  • 1000W output power
  • Compact in size
  • You can connect it to your DTH
  • The speaker are multi-angled
  • Flexibility in terms of spacing

So it will not only save up energy but will produce enough energy and power to make a bass-y atmosphere inside your house. You do not have to fret about the audio format because this sound system will not put any barrier when it comes to music.

You can play any format of music you want from any kind of source. With the help of NFC or Bluetooth, you can play all the formats of music in this Sony HT-IV300.

Instead of connecting it to your television, you can now directly connect your DTH with this home theatre system with the help of a single cable wire, either HDMI or optical input.

Similarly, you can also connect it with your play station or Blu-ray player and get an enhanced experience of watching television!

Statistically speaking, this home theatre system is 40% smaller in size as compared to the other home theatre systems in the market and it actually claims to be the smallest and compact home theatre system.

All the speakers of this sound system are symmetrically satisfying and have been created in such a way that it can fit anywhere. Its unique traits have given it a clear 4.5 star rating on Amazon!

  • Smallest home theatre system
  • Distinctive design
  • Powerful performance
  • Consumes less power
  • Can be connected to DTH
  • Does not come with a remote control
  • Does have the option for FM radio


7. IKALL TA-111 BT 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System

Ikall is one of the oldest companies of Indian origin and is known to provide low priced yet technologically advanced products in India. This Ikall product is one of the highest demanded home theatre systems and has been loved by many customers across the country.


Ikall has manufactured a whole package and has infused all the features that a good home theatre system must have and thus, it has made this home theatre system the most desirable of all the others.

Primary Features

  • Comes with six speakers
  • It has got 5 satellite speakers and one main unit
  • Provides multiple connectivity options
  • Flexible in terms of setting the speakers
  • Comes with an AUX cable as well as a remote control

This home theatre system has got everything that will always give you the cinematic feel inside your house. So let us first talk about what comes in with this music set. You will get six different speakers that are actually responsible for giving you the surround sound effect.

Among the six speakers, five of them are called the satellite speakers and you can either place them around your television set or if you experience space problem.

You can just mount them up against the wall according to your convenient positioning. The other speaker is the main speaker or the woofer which has got all the buttons and is the main unit of this home theatre system.

These speakers work together and all the frequencies unite to form the cinematic effect. Even if the music is high pitched or has extra bass, no amount of music will ever get distorted!

It comes with a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable with which you can connect to any kind of device you want. Additionally, it has the option of Bluetooth and USB if you have some alternative methods to listen to music. You can also enjoy the melodies of the radio!

  • Has a remote control
  • Already comes with AUX cable
  • FM radio option given
  • Enjoy high quality music from six speakers
  • Flexibility in terms of setting up the speakers
  • Cannot control bass from the remote control


8. Sony SA-D40 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker Home Theatre System

Sony is the classiest company and they have been taking their game to the next level by launching some of the most contemporary and state of the art products for their customers.


This Sony SA-D40 is an Amazon’s choice product itself and is also one of the highest-rated home theatre systems available on Amazon. Sony is such a company that makes sure to manufacture their home theatre system in such a way that it will be bound to make the audience’s eyes fixate on it.

Primary Features

  • Total output power of 80W
  • Bulky woofer for bulky sound
  • Black glossy body
  • Suitable for TV, PC and music
  • Bluetooth and USB port for input

Their classic smooth finishing of the body is one of the main attractions of the home theatre systems. They leave no room for doubt and these home theatre systems have a very long life!

This home theatre system is perfect for you if are on the lookout for a home theatre system that will satisfy your musical needs and will also accentuate your everyday movie time.

With a power output of 80W, this home theatre system is going to be the perfect companion if you live in a small apartment and still want to create a cozy and comfortable theatre in your living room.

The main unit called the subwoofer is bulky and at the same time small in size which is the source of your heavy bass effect to your music and sound.

This sub woofer gives an effect of depth and helps the sound to reach every corner of your house so that you can completely immerse into that feel. It also gives you various options to control your music and gives you various options for input and output as well.

With the remote control, you can control the functionality of the sound system with just your fingertips like pause, stop, play, volume adjustments, etc.

The option for Bluetooth gives you the freedom to operate it from anywhere around your house. You can enjoy the wireless connection and multi-task at the same time. This home theatre system from Sony has been approved by Amazon itself and has got 4.2 stars!

  • Perfect for small apartment
  • Bulky and brawny sub woofer
  • Chic design
  • Bluetooth connectivity available
  • Comes with warranty
  • Cannot regulate different moods of music from remote
  • SD card slot not available


9. iBall Tarang Classic 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Home Theatre System

iBall has done a pretty impressive job in creating quite competitive home theatre systems and giving tough competition to the other home theatre systems of other companies.


This iBall Tarang Classic 2.1 Multimedia Speaker is the best if you own a shop or have your own office and studio and are in search of a huge home theatre system.

Primary Features

  • Wood case allows natural sound output
  • Has got all the different music options
  • Can control bass and treble
  • Total of 3 speakers
  • Digital display

Beginning from the built and design of the music system to the convenience and ease to use it, this home theatre system actually constitutes the best home theatre system.

Just because the sub woofer of this home theatre system is pretty gigantic, it will be perfectly suitable for large rooms or shops or even offices. Let us walk through all the characteristics of this gen-x home theatre system.

The most noticeable and pre-eminent characteristic of this home theatre system is the build quality. This home theatre system is built with superior quality of wood casing and has an authentic fabric cover on top of it which gives a fine finish to it.

This is a huge advantage for two reasons. The very first advantage that it offers is that it makes the home theatre system look very attractive and the best part is, this material helps to add depth to the bass of the music and makes the output sound more natural to the ears.

It completely gives up control on your hands as it has multiple input systems like BT 5.0, USB, SD, AUX, and FM. So, now you can choose according to the different moods of yours of different days.

So, connect in your phone, pen-drive, hard drive, television, SD card, or any other sources from where you want to enjoy your music and get ready to let the music system immerse you and your atmosphere into the music.

The remote control has a very rare feature where you can control the bass and treble of the music. So now, you can tune and manage your music as per your choice and as per the situation you want to create.

The 4.1 star rating is completely justified and it is a chosen product by amazon. To grab the home theatre at a crazy price, click the button given below!

  • 40W output power
  • Bass and treble can be controlled
  • You can listen to radio
  • Different playback options
  • Perfect for huge room
  • Huge in size and heavy
  • Not suitable for gaming purposes


Buying Guide – Best Home Theatre System in India

If you are into music or love to watch movies and series, a home theatre system is a great investment. It adds depth to the music and gives a high definition quality to it. There are different types of home theatre systems available in the market that caters to different needs. 


Thus, you need to know everything about a home theatre system and gather the right information to choose the right one.

So choosing the best home theatre system can be really tough and if there is any mistake in the journey of buying the best home theatre system for you, then you might end up buying the wrong one for you.

A home theatre system includes a lot of technological things that need to be paid attention to. There are a lot of things to keep in mind before buying a home theatre system. The online search may leave you baffled as which one to choose and go for.

But you need not worry because you are at a great start to your amazing journey of getting a splendid home theatre system because this buying guide is going to offer you all the knowledge you would need in order to land on the perfect choice.

So, let us start our journey by looking at some of the most important features before buying a home theatre system.

Factors to Consider while buying a Home Theatre System

1. Purpose

Every home theatre system is manufactured for various purposes. So it is not necessary that one home theatre system will and can fulfill all your demands. Before buying a home theatre system, you need to have a clear idea in your mind that why you are buying a home theatre and what purpose you want it to fulfill.

Suppose you want to buy a home theatre for your gaming purposes, then getting yourself a home theatre system that has 5 speakers is a complete waste of money.

Instead, you can go for a home theatre set that contains only 3 speakers. But if you want to buy a home theatre system to watch movies, series, or want to listen to music, then a 5.1 surround sound home theatre system will be a perfect choice.

2. The size of your room

This is a very important factor to consider before you choose your suitable home theatre system. The room size matters a lot because you will be placing the speakers accordingly. The size of your room is directly proportional to the price of the home theatre system. 

If you have a compact room, then you should avoid all the speakers that are big in size and go for the ones that are smaller and thinner.

You can also go for the ones that can be mounted on the wall. But if you do not have any problem with the room size and have a lavishly large room, the big home theatres will look absolutely stunning in your room!

If you want to experience that proper home theatre feeling, then make sure the size of your room has the following dimensions – 15 feet in length, 12 feet wide, and ceiling height of 8 feet.

3. Connectivity Options

This factor will help you determine the source of your music and what device you will connect with it in order to listen to music. So before starting your hunt for the best home theatre system, you should always have a quick check on the kinds of devices you want to pair with your home theatre system.

If you simply want to connect it with your phone, then that particular model should have the option for NFC and Bluetooth. There are some home theatre systems that have USB ports, AUX in and out, and also SD card slots. So, choose according to your preference and convenience.

4. Audio Quality

This definitely goes without saying but the audio quality of your home theatre system should be top-notch. The 5.1 surround sound home theatre systems are known to have a greater RMS power value.

So, the audio quality will be smooth and the best because this RMS power support actually helps the speaker to create an exclusive audio quality and leaves behind no details.

To determine if the speaker produces the best quality sound, check the bass, the vocals, and how it creates the surround sound effect. The two main speakers of the 5.1 home theatre set produces the vocals and other audios.

So, pay close attention to these speakers. Sometimes, these speakers have a switch to turn on and off so that you can use only those speakers that you will need at that moment.

You also should check out the subwoofer because they are actually responsible for creating a deeper bass. The RMS power rating will give you an idea of how strong the subwoofer is and will also tell you if the subwoofer is the presiding speaker of all the other ones.

5. The A-V Receiver

You may call this factor a very significant component of any home theatre system. Everything that you perceive and hear revolves around this audio and visual receiver.

What it does is, it translates and processes the audio signals coming from the television and sends it to the speakers for the output. This factor will not bother you much if you are not very much into music and hold very less knowledge about it.

So if this is the case, then you can go for a system that has all the other features that you want but a cheaper A-V receiver. But if you are actually into music, then a 5.1 audio receiver output will be the correct buy for you!

A better option is to go for the home theatre system that has and supports Dolby Atmos audio which is way better in terms of both quality and longevity.

That home theatre system should have seven channels in place of five. But keep the room size factor in mind before making any decision.

Buying a home theatre system that has a good audio and visual output can be proven quite advantageous because you will always get natural and clear sound irrespective of the kind of music and audio you are listening to.

6. Design

A home theatre system not only will accentuate the sound quality but will also increase the aura and essence of your room where you have placed it. You will find a lot of options when it comes to the design of home theatres.

Some of the home theatre systems have eye-catching symmetry and some have a matt finish surface, some have glossy finishing. You need to see which home theatre system will go best with your home decor.


7. Build Quality

This factor is extremely important for two reasons. The build quality directly influences the quality of the music as well as determines the longevity of the home theatre system. If you are going for those cone speakers, then make sure that they are made up of glass fibre.

The benefit of this is that you will get to experience an extensive and wide-ranging frequency which will have a huge impact on the quality of sound and will work more smoothly.

If you are someone who always gets products that also saves a lot of power and energy, then you should choose a home theatre system that has magnetic fluid. This will give-out excellent audio quality and they actually have cones that are supported by mica. This helps to improve the frequency of the sound.

8. Wattage and Compatibility

The entire concept of home theatre system revolves around two things – the receiver (amplifier) and the speakers. In order to get a powerful output, the receivers need to send and transmit enough power to make the entire system work smoothly.

The RMS value determines and tells you about this power value. So, the RMS wattage which is also well known as the continuous wattage actually indicates the power the receiver can transmit to the speaker over a certain amount of time.

Here is a technical thing that you need to keep in mind. The RMS and dynamic wattages are two different things. These two values should always be similar to the amplifier value of the speaker.

So if the amplifier value of the speakers ranges between 20 to 100 watts per channel, then the receiver of that particular home theatre system with RMS and dynamic power should be in the same range.

This is important because if you play superior quality music in the home theatre system, then the speakers might get damaged and ruined if you play it for a long period of time.

If you want the speakers to have a long life, then go for the home theatre system that has a receiver of lesser RMS power as compared to the maximum range of the speaker.

At the end, you should also check the resistance level which is designated with the symbol ohm (Ω). The value of ohm should be more than the requirement of the speaker.

9. Additional Features

So, if a particular home theatre system works for you and has all the important features that you needed, then you can look for some other features that will enhance your surround sound feel more.

The extra features may include things like remote control, LED display, music and video streaming capability, etc.

10. Brand

A good brand that has high market respect and the acceptance rate is more likely to gain people’s attention and produce such products that will make the people go for it and buy them. Brands like Sony are one of them.

Sony knows what the audience expects and how to manufacture a sound system that will deliver an amazing quality of music. The other brands like JBL, Bose, LG, iBall, etc are also some of the top companies to produce and sell home theatre systems.

11. Warranty

Warranty depends on both the brand and the product. You will usually get one year warranty from a good company. So it is always preferred to go for those companies that are very famous so that you can repair all the damaged parts within the warranty period.

12. Price

Always fixate on a budget and then sit to search for the best home theatre system. This will help you to filter out the products that you will not need.

If you have an average budget, then go for the 5.1 home theatre set and if you have a larger room and you do not have any barrier in terms of money, then undoubtedly go for the 7.1 ones.

But do not fall for the price. First, check the specification section and see if that sound system has all the features that you need.


Now that we know about all the different factors to look out for when searching for the best home theatre system, let us walk through the different types of home theatre systems available so that you can have a deeper understanding of what kind of sound system you would need.

Different Types of Home Theatre Systems

2.1 Home Theatre System

This type of home theatre system is mainly focused on bass. You will get two speakers and a sub woofer that amplifies the bass and makes the sound output deeper. This will not only give you a surround sound experience but will also give you a moderately good quality of sound.

2.1 Home Theatre System

This type of home theatre system has a pair of speakers and a sub woofer along with it too. But the central speaker is available here which gives the feeling as if the vocals are coming from the centre point of the screen.

5.1 Home Theatre System

This type is the most famous and most commonly bought home theatre system. The reason is that this type of home theatre system maintains a good balance between price and sound quality.

The arrangement of the speakers goes this way – two are placed in the front, the other two are placed behind and one is placed in between the two of them. Sub woofer also comes with this type. This type of home theatre system produces a surround sound effect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. Which is the best home theatre system?

Ans. Sony HT-IV300 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DTH Home Theatre System is the best home theatre system from our expert list because it has got the looks as well as the quality which will not only last long but also will add to the beauty of your room.

Q2. Which is the best home theatre system for a small room?

Ans. Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210 Deep Bass 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker (100 Watts Peak Output) is the best home theatre system if you have a small room because you will get better features and characteristics even if it is the smallest home theatre system.

Q3. Which is the best brand of home theatre system?

Ans. Sony is undoubtedly the best brand if you want to buy the best home theatre system. The other brands that are equally good are JBL, LG, iBall, and Bose.

Q4. Can a home theatre system be mounted on the wall?

Ans. This completely depends on the model and it will be mentioned in the specifications section that if you can hang the speakers on the wall. So check the specification section if this is your priority.

Q5. Does the sub woofer have to be placed in a specific position?

Ans. It completely depends on you where you want to place it. The placement will not affect the sound quality. The best position to place it in is the centre. It looks aesthetically pleasing at the same time provides a sense of symmetry.

Conclusion – Best Home Theatre System in India

Now that you have successfully reached the end of this article, you hold all the different kinds of information you will need in order to make the right choice for you.

The most important thing is to have your preferences clear in your mind so that you do not end up making a bad selection.


If you are looking for a feature loaded home theatre system and have a huge room, Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System can be a good choice for you!

If you have minimal preferences, then Sony SA-D40 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System will be the suitable choice for you.

Happy melodies and Happy shopping!


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