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10 Best Ring Light with Tripod in India (2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Do you love to take selfies?? Are you a social media influencer?? Are you a fashion photographer, makeup artist, etc.?? Are you trying to improve the quality of your pictures and videos??

If yes, then this is the right place for you. Ring lights enhance the quality of your photographs by even illumination.


Also, it ensures that your subject’s face is evenly lit with a soft light. This results in high-quality pictures that will ensure that you get the attention that you deserve for your work. Thus, today we will talk about the best options for ring lights that are available in the Indian market.

We will discuss these options thoroughly and will go through all the significant qualities of the product. This will help you decide and choose the best product for yourself. So let’s begin our discussion… 

Best Ring Light with Tripod in India

1. DIGITEK® (DRL 018) Professional 18″ inch Big LED Ring Light

Digitek is an amazing brand that has worked continuously to please its customers with spectacular products with supreme quality.

DIGITEK-DRL-018-Professional-Big-LED-Ring-LightThe company’s relentless approach to come up with unique products to provide its customers with unique experiences has helped it gain an incredible reputation in the market. This cool bi-color product comes with 240 pieces of LED bulbs.

Primary Features

  • Model – DRL- 18
  • Product Dimensions – 49 × 49 × 7 cm
  • Item weight – 800 grams
  • Mounting hardware – 1 Ring light, 1 Charging cable

It is made of fiber material and is an extremely sturdy and durable product that promises you a long service. It’s a lightweight material and is thus easy to use. It is also easily mountable to an optional grip head or stand. Thus, you can easily use this product at any place and at any time. 

This 18-inch ring light has many awesome features such as intensity control (0 to 100%), color temperature control, and a power button. These incredible features make it very user-friendly and thus this product is very easy to operate.

The product comes equipped with a color control temperature that varies from 3200 to 5600 K, it ensures that you can take smooth and almost shadowless photographs of your subject. This light performs in dual-color mode.

Also, you will be very happy to know that this product comes with a hot shoe adapter that helps you to install the camera or phone holder being installed on the ring light firmly so that you can make videos and take photographs without any worries.

It comes with a 3600 rotated smartphone holder that provides multi-angle support. This allows you to angle vertically or horizontally without taking your phone out of the holder. Cool, isn’t it??

This product comes with 2 optional li-ion batteries that are incredibly helpful when there’s no power supply. This ensures that you continue your work without any interruptions even in remote locations.

  • Very Easy To Use
  • Provides Impressive Brightness
  • Build quality is not very impressive


2. YOZTI LED Ring Light with Stand

Yozti is an emerging brand in the Indian market that has quickly gained many loyal customers with its affordable products. This has led the company to gain a considerable foothold in the market.

YOZTI-LED-Ring-Light-with-StandAnd the company certainly deserves it all as it has worked hard to offer products that satisfy the rising expectations of its customers. This is an amazing product that provides warm and balanced lighting and gives a very soothing effect.

Primary Features

  • Model – Ring Light
  • Product Dimensions – 12 × 3 × 13 cm
  • Item weight – 480 grams
  • Compatible Devices – Mobiles, Camera

This quality makes it perfect to use in different options such as for makeup, selfie, video chat, photography, streaming, etc. It is very easy to use a product that uses the dichromatic LED that allows you to customize the color temperature and brightness level simply by rotation.

This is also a much more convenient method as you can use the ring light without having to worry about replacing the filter. This product comes with several options that you can choose from to get your perfect setting.

It features 3 light colors i.e. warm, cool white, and daylight. Along with that, it comes with 11 levels of brightness in each color, which provides you with an amazing total of 33 options.

This product comes with a very flexible angle adjuster handle. With this you can easily adjust to any angle that is suitable for your portrait, videos, Instagram reels, etc. 7 feet foldable tripod stand also helps in making this process much more feasible.

This product scores big in the compatibility department as it comes equipped with a 3600 smartphone holder that allows you to use change the angle vertically or horizontally without even taking out your phone from the holder.

  • Very Affordable Price
  • Easy To Use
  • Provides An Optimum Level of Brightness
  • Stand is not very stable


3. Tygot 10″ Portable LED Ring Light

Tygot has earned itself quite a name in the market because of its superior quality products. The company has worked very hard to make itself known, which is quite evident from its tech-forward and extremely affordable products that are loved by the customers.

Tygot-10-Portable-LED-Ring-LightThe company’s drive to provide its consumers with superior quality items is very appreciated by everyone. It is an extremely lightweight product that is very easy to carry around and thus can be used anywhere without any hassle.

Primary Features

  • Model – T-Ringl10
  • Product Dimensions – 10 × 8 × 6 cm
  • Item weight – 238 grams
  • Mounting Hardware – Ring light

It also comes with a smartphone mount and a hot shoe adapter that allows you to attach your devices to it. This product comes with no shadow aperture and also high-quality SMD LED lamps. This provides a shadowless and very soft light effect on your subject’s complexion.

This product provides you with the perfect brightness with its dimmable lights with 3 color modes. It also comes with 10 levels of brightness control.

These amazing features provide the users with enhanced light brightness with over 30% in comparison to other products. This 10-inch ring light is very easy to operate as it comes equipped with intensity control, Colour temperature, 1200 beaming angle, and power button.

These features provide a seamless step-less adjustment of color temperature that allows focusing on the finer details of the subject.

This product promises to provide you a perfect lighting effect that comes due to dual-color temperature that varies from 3200 to 5600K, triple color temperature modes i.e. yellow, warm yellow, and white, and also the multiple brightness adjustment levels.

With its Bi-colour LED ring light, it is a perfect product to do both outdoors as well as indoor shots. With this feature, you can generate appropriate lightning and can easily shoot in places like the market, beach, park, etc.

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Provides Impressive Brightness Levels
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Ball base is very delicate, thus stability is not very remarkable


4. DIGITEK® (DRL 12C) Professional 12″ inch LED Ring Light

Digitek is a very famous brand in the Indian market. Its products are very popular among the new generation customers mainly due to its cool and unique featured products and that too under a very affordable price.

DIGITEK-DRL-12C-Professional-LED-Ring-LightThe brand is very famous for its work in providing Indians with amazing tech products that help them to step into the new digital era. This product adds grace to your work. This 5-inch ring light with a light stand is very easy to operate.

Primary Features

  • Model – DWRS-005
  • Product Dimensions – 34 × 5 × 56 cm
  • Item weight – 2.2 kilograms
  • Mounting Hardware – Ring light, Power Cable, Light Stand DLS-005FT

Also with a 25-watt ring light, it adds an appropriate amount of light to your subject that gives your work a very professional look. This product provides 3 graded temperature control options i.e. white, warm white, and daylight.

Also, each lighting mode has 10 adjustable brightness modes to choose from. These options combine to provide the users with perfect dimmable lighting that does away with any unflattering shadows.

Also, the product comes with color temperature adjustment that varies from 3200K to 6500K without using any color filters. This allows you to achieve cold white light or warm light to hide any blemishes and also allows quick and easy change in skin tones.

It comes equipped with a ball head with a 1/4’’ screw, 3600 rotation, and an 1800 degree tilt that makes it very easy to capture your subject at various angles and it gives the customer a perfect video quality.

This amazing product also provides you with step-less adjustment as the ring light is controlled via the IR remote controller or the knob on the ring light. This hands-free and hassle-free approach is greatly appreciated by the customers.

In the case where lighting is insufficient, you can turn on the ring light and adjust the brightness accordingly. Thus, this product is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

  • Provides Amazing Brightness Level
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Stable Stand
  • It’s quite bulky


5. COROID 10″ Inches Big LED Ring Light

Coroid has made some big strides in recent times in the Indian market. It has managed to gain a considerable foothold in the market due to the amazing response it is getting from the customers. Its products are quite popular among the customers for their incredible quality.

COROID-10-Inches-Big-LED-Ring-LightThis unbelievable journey will surely continue as the company is working unremittingly to provide the best services to its customers. This cool product comes with two items i.e. a 10-inch ring light and a 2M light stand. 

Primary Features

  • Model – Ring_light_moo4
  • Product Dimensions – 5.08 × 5.08 × 2.64 cm
  • Item weight – 10 grams
  • Batteries required- NO

This incredibly stylish product doesn’t only score big in the style department but also in the durability department too.

It is a very sturdy product made of carbon steel that promises a long and uninterrupted service. This product has been recommended by several beauty bloggers as it comes with 3 light color modes namely White, yellow and warm yellow.

It also provides 10 levels of brightness with each mode. This ring light has a perfect size and also a retractable tripod stand that is extendable from 14.96” to 62.99”.

This feature allows the user to shoot at their convenient height and thus provides a great amount of flexibility to them. If you love this product and immediately want to buy it but are searching for some amazing deal, then you should rush to Amazon’s website.

  • Very Lightweight
  • Decent Brightness Level
  • Tripod stand doesn’t have impressive built quality


6. Osaka 10″ Inches Big LED Ring Light

Osaka is one of the most famous companies in this field of the market. It is a household name that is recognized by everyone for its astounding quality.

Osaka -10-Inches-Big-LED-Ring-LightThe company has worked hard to gain this level of confidence among its customers and it working even harder to maintain this trust by providing its customers with remarkable experience with its products.

Primary Features

  • Model – RINGLED-10INCH-LS250
  • Product Dimensions – 102 × 40 × 9 cm
  • Item weight – 3.62 Kilograms
  • Mounting Hardware- Ring light 10 inch – 1 no; Light stand – 1 Nos

The company has gone beyond anyone’s imagination with this product to pleasantly surprise its customers. It has included all the products that you would require to work. Such as the content includes a 10 inch Ring Light, 1 light stand, 1 mobile holder, and a T-Bracket. 

The product comes with a super cool feature that allows quick ad intelligent color change. It allows a change of color temperature from 3400K to 5600K without even using the color filter.

You can use this to achieve cold white light or warm light to change skin tones and hide blemishes. Also, the LED SMD design and 220 pieces of LED beads on the Ring light offer more light for your photography and video work.

It comes equipped with 3 different lighting modes namely white light, natural light, and warm light that is more than enough to enhance your subject. Also, each mode has 9 adjustable brightness levels.

These features combine to provide perfect dimmable light to eradicate all the nasty shadows. It is a very compatible product and the 10W ring light is suitable with most of the devices that support USB ports such as laptops, PCs, mobile powers, USB chargers, AC adapters, etc.

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Provides Optimum Brightness Levels
  • It is quite bulky


7. SHYLOC 10 inches Big led Ring Right

Shyloc is a very renowned brand in the Indian market. It is well-known for providing excellent quality products to its customers. Its splendid and superb quality products with unique features have helped the company earn a very loyal customer base in the Indian market.

SHYLOC-10-Inches-Big-LED-Ring-LightThe product comes with multiple brightness settings to provide you with multiple options to get the perfect look. It provides 3 light modes and optimizes brightness 3 color lighting modes: white, warm yellow, and warm white.

Primary Features

  • Manufacturer- SHYLOC
  • Product Dimensions – 69 × 36.8 × 8.2 cm
  • Item weight – 1.58 Kilograms
  • Mounting Hardware- Dimmable LED Ring light

So choose an option that you like the most and get to work. It is extremely easy to install this product and it also provides a simple on/off or to switch to preferred lighting mode on the cord. The product comes with a hands-free and extendable holder. 

You can just clamp it on a stable surface such as a desk/ table/ bed and then you free to rotate it at any angle and then you can conveniently do your work or watch anything on your phone.

It comes with a 3600 rotating arm that will hold your phone with incredible stability and will help you with stabilized capturing of your work.

It also gives complete flexibility while adjusting your phone in any required direction and at any vital angle. This product has various usage.

You can use it as a selfie ring light or a cell phone holder. You can make professional-quality videos even during the nighttime. And it is perfectly suitable for make-up, video chat, live streaming on any social media platform, or even as a reading lamp

  • Easy To Set Up
  • Remarkable Brightness Features
  • Built quality is not very impressive


8. Marklif 10 Inches Big LED Ring Light

Marklif’s continuous advances and remarkable creativity to design extremely cool and high-quality tech-forward products have left everyone amazed and speechless.

Marklif -10-Inches-Big-LED-Ring-LightIts innovative and distinctive designs and that too in a very reasonable price range have made it a very popular name in the Indian market. We certainly see a long and very successful path for this company in the Indian market.

Primary Features

  • Manufacturer- marklif ring light
  • Product Dimensions – 28.8 × 27.3 × 4.4 cm
  • Item weight – 320 grams

It is a perfect product that can be used to make Tiktok, youtube videos. Also, it is perfect for makeup, or photography such as taking selfies, etc. It is a very sturdy and durable product that has a very impressive built-in quality that promises you a long and satisfactory service. 

Also, this product is just perfect for creating the proper luminescence for your social media platforms. It provides three color temperatures namely white color, yellow color, and warm yellow color.

Also in each of these color modes, you will have ten options to get the perfect brightness level that you want for your video. This 10-inch ring light provides the perfect dimmable light that is also very easy to adjust.

These are white, natural, and warm light and comes with 11 levels of brightness settings.

These are very easy to adjust as the company has provided simple options of adjusting the brightness, mode, on/off on the cord of the equipment. It is an incredibly affordable product and you can get it for just Rs 381 on Amazon’s website.

  • Very Lightweight
  • Incredibly Easy To Use
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Brightness is not very impressive


9. YOZTI 7 Feet Long Tripod Stand (84 Inch) with 10″ LED Ring Light Combo

One of the brands that instantly comes to your mind when you are looking to buy products like Ring lights is the Yozti.

YOZTI-7-Feet-Long-Tripod-Stand-(84-Inch)-with-10-LED-Ring-Light-ComboIt is a very famous company that holds a considerable market share, all thanks to its superior quality products that have managed to keep up with the rising expectations of its customers.

Primary Features

  • Model – 7Fring12
  • Product Dimensions – 10 × 5 × 13 cm
  • Item weight – 480 grams
  • Mounting Hardware – 7 FEET long tripod ring light phone holder

It comes with a universal adjustment feature as the metal hose of the holder can be bent and adjusted at your will. Thus, you can personalize this product as per your requirements and this product will fulfill all your needs.

Also, the flexible phone holder from the ring allows you to hold your device in the ring as the ring is big enough to accommodate your device and this feature allows you to make the most of the ring light.

The product provides perfect dimmable ring light with 3 light colors namely warm, cool, white, and daylight color. It also provides the 11 levels of brightness in each color and thus provides the user with 33 options in total.

Hence, you can use any one of the options to get your desired settings. The product comes with Heat resistance quality as the video light’s housing adopts high-quality ABS with better texture.

This provides much better heat resistance and high impact resistance that protects the built-in LED beads in a much better way.

With its 3-way pan head, it provides an endless lighting angle that allows you to conveniently opt for tilt or swivel motion; portrait, or landscape options.

This feature allows you to easily target your subject at any angle which would result in excellent videos and photographs. Thus, this product is perfect for video calling, live streaming, taking selfies, flat lays, etc.

The tripod stand of this product is very stable and can be easily adjusted. This can easily be adjusted from 16 inches to 50 inches and you can also adjust the tripod legs up to 30 inches wide.

Thus customize this stable tripod stand according to your specific requirements and start working right away. If you are in love with this product then you should immediately rush to Amazon’s website.

  • Very Light Weight
  • Good Brightness Features
  • Build Quality could have been better


10. SKY BUYER 14″ Selfie Ring Light

Sky Buyer has accomplished quite a name for itself in the extremely competitive market.


The brand’s sheer determination to deliver the best products to its consumers has aided the company to become a successful brand in India and because of this customers have started to place a great amount of trust in this company.

Primary Features

  • Model- Ring light
  • Product Dimensions – 15 × 8 × 4 cm
  • Item weight – 300 grams
  • Hardware Platform- PC, Display type – LED

This cool product comes with an adjustable and stable tripod stand that is extendable from 16 inches to 40 inches and the tripod legs can be unfolded up to 30 inches wide. Thus you can adjust this tripod to any height according to your convenience. 

The product provides you with a charming eye effect that creates an aperture effect in your subject’s eyes that will make the picture very beautiful.

This marvellous product has a 14 inch Ring light that provides its customers with 3 light colors namely warm color, cool white, and daylight color.

And it also provides 11 levels of brightness options to choose from in each color, which in total provides you with 33 options and you can choose anyone to get your perfect setting.

Also, the product provides a color temperature range from 3200 to 5900 K, this range ensures that all your shooting needs are met. The product was designed by keeping the customer’s need in the mind.

And thus it comes with a flexible phone holder from the ring, this allows you to place it in the ring as the ring is big enough to accommodate your device and this feature allows you to make the most of this circle light.

This incredible product provides endless lighting angles with a 3-way pan head with a very expedient handle that allows the user to easily tilt or swivel. This allows you can easily move from landscape to portrait and vice versa.

These features enhance the subject for your work and thus is perfect for taking selfies, videos, flat lays, etc. The Ring light provides you with a Bluetooth remote that allows you to take selfies and videos without even touching your smartphone.

  • Provides Optimum Brightness Levels
  • Very Lightweight Product
  • It is very easy to use
  • The quality of the tripod stand is less than impressive


So here we are all done with the detailed descriptions of all the best Ring lights that are available in the Indian Market. I have explained all the major product specifications in detail.

This will hopefully help you in narrowing down your options while shopping for the perfect ring light for yourself and I hope that you will make an informed choice and buy a product that will complement you and your work.

So go through each of the product carefully and select the best option out of it based on your budget, and your requirements that will enhance your work and will give it that coveted professional look that will help you becomes more popular and successful.

Buying Guide – Best Ring Lights in India

So we all have been extremely active on our social media during this pandemic and certainly, the ring lights are an essential tool to enhance your social media profiles.

Some of us have been searching for perfect ring lights for quite some time but the various online options don’t make things easy for us.


Also, some of us are beginners and must be having a hard time choosing the right product for ourselves as the technical jargon in the product details is sometimes quite hard to understand.

Thus, I am presenting you with a buying guide to buy yourself a perfect ring light for yourself. Just pay attention to certain details of the products and be assured to get yourself a perfect product that will enhance your work in a very seamless fashion.

So let’s begin….

Things to consider before buying a Ring Light in India

1. Budget

First of all decide what are your budget is. Products with high prices will come with several modern features, but are those features useful to you?? Whereas the products at a low price might not provide a very good material or built-in quality.

Thus buy a product at a medium price that is durable and sturdy and provides you with features that are useful to you.

2. Durability

Always choose a product that is made of some sturdy material and focuses on the built-in quality. Because if the product is not strong then it doesn’t matter how many features the product has as it is bound to get damaged.

Thus a strong and durable product will ensure that you receive a long and very satisfactory service from your product.

3. Types of Uses

In the LED ring lights, you will find that they are suitable for very specific functions only. Such as some products are good for making videos, while others are good for taking selfies and some other products are best for makeup artists.

Thus, choose carefully what product will suit your requirements best and make the purchase accordingly.

4. Compatibility

This is one of the most important parameters that you should pay attention to while buying any product. It basically means whether or not your smartphone, DSLR, etc. will work with your Ring light.

Although most of the ring lights are compatible with almost all devices but there few that work with only certain devices. Thus, check out this feature carefully in the product description while buying your ring light.

5. Size of the Ring light

There are several products available in the market, they comprise of different sizes of the LED ring lights. From a modest 8 inch to whopping 18 inches, there are all types of sizes available in the market.

A small ring light is perfect for taking close-up shots whereas a bigger ring light gives you the option of holding your phone in the ring light that will allow you to eliminate any kind of shadow and will let you take full advantage of ring light illumination.

6. Portability

This feature refers to the ease with which you can carry around this product. The ring light is needed at both indoor and outdoor shoots. If it were some very heavy and bulky product, then you won’t be able to move it around easily and it will hinder your work progress.

Thus, always choose a device that is lightweight and easy to carry around, so that you can carry on with your work smoothly.


7. Brightness Levels

We don’t always want to take pictures in very bright light or in very dim or low light. Thus it always good to have different levels of brightness in your LED ring light.

Most of the products give you the option brightness level that goes from 0 to 100%. These products are very good options and will enhance the quality of your work.

8. Color Temperature of the Ring Light

The ring lights usually provide three modes of light namely normal, warm and cold. These colors depend on the color temperature. Usually, the color temperature varies from 3000K to 6000K.

The cool colors are the colors that come above 5000K and the warm color corresponds to the lower temperature (2700K to 3000K).

This color range and thus the color temperature range is essential to portray different moods in your photography. Hence, pay special attention to this color temperature range of the ring lights while checking out the different products.

9. Light Intensity of the Ring Light

Every artist aims to achieve some versatility in their work. It makes them much more aware of different elements and the styles of the fields that they are working in. Similarly, as a photographer or an artist, you must wish to shoot at both low ISO settings and also at high settings.

So don’t let the limited features of your ring light stop you from achieving perfection. Go and buy a ring light that allows you to work in a wide variety of light settings and keep doing spectacular work.

10. Power

Most of the ring lights are charged via USB cables. So pay attention to the quality and the length of the recharging cables. A good quality cable will last longer and a weak quality cable will get damaged after some time and you will be forced to spend extra to replace it.

Also, go for the products that provide a long-term battery charge and also the ones that provide fast recharge as this will ensure that you can keep doing your work without the hassle of recharging it again and again.

11. Accessories

Many brands are very generous and provide their customers with various accessories with their products.

Brands provide their customers with a stable, sturdy, and adjustable tripod stand that not only assists you to personalize the product according to your requirements but also saves you extra bucks that you can surely use at other important places.

Thus, check for these additional accessories with your product and also check their quality and durability, and stability and if you are pleased with it, then go ahead and buy it.

12. Aftercare

These products require some aftercare at regular intervals. Thus go for low maintenance products that will not require spending big bucks on the after care of the products. Thus, don’t forget to cause the availability and cost of the replaceable parts.

In this case, make sure that replaceable LED bulbs are easily available in your locality and are also very cost-effective. This due diligence will save you from spending big bucks on the aftercare of your product at a later stage.

13. Warranty of the Product

While buying any product, always check the warranty provided by the brand on the product. Check the duration of the warranty and the parts on which the warranty is provided.

This is very important because in case your product stops working after some time, suitable warranty coverage will save your investment in the product. Otherwise, you will be forced to buy a new product again.

Conclusion – Best Ring Light in India

Thus, we are all done with the buying guide that is essential to read before buying yourself a ring light.

Here I have explained all the important features that you should pay attention to while browsing for that one perfect ring light that will not only enhance your work but will also add a professional touch to it.

So good luck friends and I hope that you will find the perfect ring light that will accentuate your lifestyle and will give you a long and satisfactory service.


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